27 May 2020

For the Lion: Knights of the Raven

Hi all,  back again for some more Dark Angels but moving 10,000 years in the future from the last unit to the 41st millenium with some Black Knights ready to run down the fallen.  The black knights are the inner circle of the master of the ravenwing and are privy to the secrets that members of this secretive circle have.

Black knights in game are a fast 2 wound space marine biker unit armed with a mid range plasma weaponry and a decent melee weapon allowing them to threaten large areas of the board and react to whats needed.

20 May 2020

Gangs of the Underhive; The Black Roses by Medge

About 18 months ago I launched a short series for Necromunda, based on a campaign I was playing with my Chaos Cult; the Sacred Flame.
The series was only 2 parts, because I got stomped in the game and lost my appetite for Necromunda.
When our local club's second campaign started I got back involved with a new gang, this time from House Escher. Despite having a horrific campaign and getting dumped out pretty hard... again... I rediscovered my love for the game, particularly for the lethal ladies of House Escher.

With so many different projects over the last 12 months my Escher models slipped deeper into the Backlog pile, but the current CoVID crisis has finally given me the time to get some paint on to the ladies. 

So may I present - the Black Roses!

17 May 2020

Sigmar's Storm; a #BashtheBacklog project by Medge

Welcome to Sigmar's Storm; A #BashtheBacklog #StayHome Age of Sigmar project.

Given the title I'm sure you can all guess the content...

That's right - Sigmarines! I mean Stormcast Eternals... sorry... too much 40k content of late!

As the flagship faction of Age of Sigmar you'd be hard pressed to have missed the Stormcast Eternals. They've seen four waves of releases over the last few years (Warrior Chamber, Extremis Chamber, Vanguard Chamber and the newer Sacroscant Chamber), have a huge and diverse range, feature some stunning big kits alongside extensive Easy-To-Build and multipart ranges, and have been the go to starter faction in both first and second Edition AoS.

With the CoVID-19 lockdown in full force and GW closed we've all been turning to those neglected projects, and I thought it high time I revisited my first AoS army.

15 May 2020

For the Lion: Reconnaissance in Force

Hi all, its not been too long since my last post for this project but I've been on a bit of a painting spree at the moment.  My newly completed unit is 3 skyhunters on scimitar jetbikes for my Dark Angels Legion forces, these models are really cool and in game will make a good start to a Ravenwing Protocol force.  I actually bought these models at the Games Day when Forgeworld first released the Age of Darkness game so they've been waiting a while to get some paint.

10 May 2020

How to Paint with Medge: Da Forst-toof Orruk Warclan

Let's be perfectly clear... I'm not a good painter; I'm distinctly average (maybe above average if I push myself, but I'm far from competition worthy!)

So when you read this Blog title as "How to Paint" remember that it doesn't say "How to paint well"!!

The purpose of this series is for me to document exactly how I've gone about painting up models/ units in my collection so that when I come back to them I don't do something totally different.

8 May 2020

For the Lion: Leading the Legion of Old

Hi all, it's been a bit since my last dark angels update but I have been painting some more and I now have something to show you for the age of darkness dark angels legion force that I am also painting.  The first model for this is the Dark Angels Praetor in Cataphractii Armour from fw.  This model has Gothic knightly charm in spades with its angular helm, spiked armour, cloak and broad sword.

7 May 2020

Blood of the Angel: Part 1. A #BashtheBacklog project by Medge

Well... 2020's been a hell of a year so far hasn't it!

I've been pretty quiet on the blogging front over the last few month; a combination of too many projects, burnout, wedding planning and new job all took the wind from my sails in quarter 1 this year... then Coronavirus hit and everything went to pot!

My brush hasn't been idle in that time, just my keyboard, and I've been working diligently on a few projects, top among which are my Blood Angels!

So welcome to my Blood of the Angel series - a #BashtheBacklog project showing off my mission to finally get a competitive Blood Angels projects running, and clear out a chunk of backlog in the process. 

6 May 2020

Path to Glory 2020: Brass Rampagers IV

Month... erm... 4?

Things went awry in February... Just a little bit. I ended up caught up in the excitement of our club Necromunda campaign, so spent most of my painting time focussing on my gangers, hired guns and a "small" amount of terrain. Then in March as came around things took a few surprising turns as the world went into lockdown. I'm now in my eighth week of working from home. This has certainly meant I have had a lot more time for painting, but I've pretty much avoided painting my Blades of Khorne during that time. Instead I have worked through a number of the Forge World dramatis personae for Necromunda, assembled "more" Zone Mortalis terrain, and worked on clearing various backlogs of scatter terrain, a few Warcry scenery bits, and a few random models I had lying around as distractions.

Well as the group approaches the centenary of blogs I thought I should catch up and do some more work on my Brass Rampagers. April saw me make some big achievements in progress - mainly determined by availability of various sprays, layers and washes that became as rare as hen's teeth during lockdown! So here we go... I've also included a few bits here that are not yet part of the Path to Glory campaign, but will likely see use in larger battles in the future (or just sit on a display shelf as lockdown perpetuates...).

Blood Warriors
A key goal for me in the Path to Glory paint-a-thon has been to up the number and quality of my battleline units. I enjoyed batch painting this unit of Blood Warriors, working from a bronze base, through several layers of gold dry-brushing, a Nuln Oil wash over the entire model before beginning to pick out details. The recessed armour plates are washed with Carroburg Crimson, giving them a nice bloody gold look that reflects the red painted armour more commonly used on Khorne models. While pretty close to being 'battle-ready' there are a few bits I will spend more time doing, picking out leather straps, detailing a few spikes and painting the numerous skulls to get them closer to 'parade ready'. I've also get to then have fun with Blood for the Blood God technical!

Legio Praesagius: Part 3; Princepts Senoris Inbound

+++ All hail the Omnisiah's chosen +++
+++ Princepts Senoris inbound +++
+++ Let the enemies of the Master of Mankind tremble +++

My next titan is now finished and it's a big one, a Warlord class battle titan to be exact.  This will be my Princepts Senoris for now and completes my Axiom maniple to minimum strength ready for some gaming once we're all allowed within 2m of each other again.  Here are some pictures;

3 May 2020

The April Update - James' Hobby Progress

Turns out being shut away at home has allowed me to be remarkably productive with my hobby time. In my last article I set myself a series of goals, little bits of my backlog that I wanted to have cleared out by the end of May. As April is at a close I wanted to get an article up detailing the things I managed to get done in the last month.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...