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Hello! I'm Tom, the fifth trio of the exciting wargaming quartet...

I've been playing "wargames" for (I think) 22 years now. I started playing in Games Workshop's worlds back in the mid-late 90s at the end of 40k's second edition. I bought a bunch of badly painted Eldar models of a classmate at school and haven't looked back.

That said, I recall playing HeroQuest at my friend's house when I was eight years-old. I was the dwarf.
Captain Invictus, Regent of Ultramar
Over the years I have collected 3 different armies for 40k - Eldar, Iron Warriors, Blood Angels and more recently (6+ years ago) a failed attempt to make an Ultramarines' 1st Company force. I haven't really played the main 40K game since early 7th Edition, when the style of play shifted further away from what I had grown up playing as a kid. I have also played a bunch of GW's other games - Mordheim, Necromunda, BFG, Horus Heresy and more recently Underworlds, Kill Team and Warcry.
Probably one of my best painted models
Up until the End Times I had made several aborted attempts to get into Warhammer Fantasy Battles, trying Beasts of Chaos, Bretonnians and Skaven at various times. But as WHFB was literally blowing up I decided to give the game a try and got hold of a number of dryads, treelords and elves that someone decided would no longer be supported. In the madness of the release of Age of Sigmar I was stuck trying to decide what to do as it became apparent the Wood Elves were no more and there was no clear way to make a fun dryad-based army. The AoS starter set and the Blades of Khorne became a little more appealing day by day. Soon I took the plunge, sold the Stormcast models to a friend and hurriedly put together the Goretide models and got started on painting. I even picked up a bunch more models when the Gorechosen game was released and various start collecting sets introduced a bunch of cool characters.
Skaven warband for a failed 2015 reboot campaign
However... I barely played any games for 4 years!

Getting involved in the Tale of Five Cambridge Wargamers is my 2020 attempt to get playing, finish painting the models I have and fill in a few gaps in my collection.

I shall try and add photos to my (rather sparse) Instagram account: @tehancocks

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