28 January 2020

For The Lion: New Year New Army; Start Collecting Dark Angels

I am a big fan of the Adeptus Astartes in 40k, especially the loyal Primaris, so when I decided to start a new army this year for 40k as my Ultramarines are nearly "finished", I have picked another Space Marine faction.  This year I will be focusing on some Dark Angels, the First are an interesting army with 3 sub-factions in a way together forming the whole, they have the Deathwing who are terminator armoured heavy shock troops, the Ravenwing who are bike, speeder and plane mounted marines with a good amount of short ranged fire power.  Alongside these two "Wings" you have the battle companies (the so called Greenwing), who look very similar to the normal codex space marines forces though missing a few little bits and pieces.

27 January 2020

A Tale of Four Warlords - Path to Glory: The Brazen Harbingers

Path to Glory 2020: The Brazen Harbingers

Not to be confused with the Brass Rampagers, the Brazen Hard Drinkers, the Dingy Brass Crazies, the Hungry Brassmongers, the Brash Humdingers or the Bingy Haberdashers (they get very insulted by this last mistake), my path to glory warband will be the Brazen Harbingers.

I've made good progress in the month 1, with 3 knights, 10 warriors and a lord on karkadrak painted! These are such lovely models, though I've naturally cut them up a bit to assist with transport (losing the sticky-out axe on the karkadrak lord) and to mix up the weapon options and add standards and musicians. These switches have also given me a nice converted chaos lord on foot, who I'll paint in a future month.

The karkadrak lord seems a tad fragile and for his use at tournament level, but he's still very far from non viable once you give him the -3 rend relic from Chamon (sadly unavailable in path to glory)  and I love the model so much that he had to lead my warband. I went for a fiery theme on the mount, to contrast with the black plate and add a daemonic aspect.

In terms of background, the army is a loose, wandering confederation of tribes on occasion subdued to the will of the Daemon Prince Ba'zarek the Abyssal. Many hail from the mountains of Shyish, but the network of nearby realmgates links them also to the infernal mines of Chamon where they join in bloody worship with fearsome Khornate tribes, and to the roaming, diseased tribes of the darklands of Ulgu (read: my existing Nurgle force!).

The rhino lord, 3 knights and 10 warriors gave me my path to glory warband. I’m not 100 per cent confident in their ability to defeat the other war bands (especially  9 kurnoth hunters and a kurnoth hunter buffing character!) but thankfully James also gets a tiny warband so we weaklings can team up until we arrive at points values games - and Matts narrative scenarios should even the odds. Here we go!

Next up I'll be painting some marauder horsemen and my converted, nurglesque iron golems - watch this space :)

Path to Glory 2020 - Indaril's Hunters - Part 1

Indaril glided through the air with her zephyrspite catching thermals to keep her aloft, far below she tracked her prey who had dared to raid the glade.  She directed her hunters though the forest to stalk the prey ready to fall upon them when the opportunity presented itself.  As the prey entered a glade clearing, Indaril dove down her song turning belligerent ready to avenge the wrong done in blood.....

Hi all, for my starting Warband I decided to pick the Arch-Revenant as my hero who gives me 3 rolls to spend from the path to glory tables.  To theme my band I decided to go for a free spirit heavy start as the arch-revenant is a strong melee leader who works well with the Kurnoth Hunters so I spend my rolls on a unit of 3 Kurnoth Hunter with greatswords, a unit of 3 Kurnoth Hunters with scythes and a unit of 3 Kurnoth Hunters with great bows.

17 January 2020

Hive Fleet Lindworm: The First Wave

The darkness falls on the warp over and the hive mind sends in the first tendril of Lindworm.  Hordes of hormagaunts swarm the defences probing for weakness and screening the more important warrior-strains landing behind them.

A new 40k project for my will be my first xeno army for a few years, I have decided to go with Tyranids as a strong contrast to my usual power armoured flavour of army.  Additionally I am using this army to try out the new Contrast paints range from Games Workshop as Tyranids have lots of different textures that will work well with these new paints.

To kick off this project I decided to get two boxes of hormagaunts, which gives me an almost max strength unit of them that I can use to run across the table and hit things in melee.

Colours wise for my hive fleet I decided to colour theory it to pick some colours and went with a triadic scheme of orange, green and purple from the colour wheel.

16 January 2020

Path to Glory 2020: The Noctis Elite - Forming the Legion

Well 2020 is here and that can only mean one thing for our little blog - a new Tale of Four Wargamers! However this year there's a little twist, we've added another member to our intrepid group of gamers with Tom joining in on all the hobby blog based fun.

We've done an intro post detailing our plans for this latest Tale - a Path to Glory in the Nine Realms of Age of Sigmar. Each of us has dedicated ourselves to a faction of choice. In my case that meant once again returning to the cold embrace of Death and the Grand Necromancer Nagash. For this Tale I'll be taking command of a force of the mighty Ossiarch Bonereapers, a remorseless and unrelenting force of bone constructs created to transform the Realms into a new Necrotopia. Ever since the range was first teased I've been eagerly anticipating building up a legion of the Bonereapers. 

So then what exactly have I got planned for the Ossiarch?

7 January 2020

Path to Glory 2020: The Brass Rampagers II

"Blood for the Blood God!"

Today I have been looking at the units I will be taking in my initial warband. This is mainly guided by the models I currently have available*, rather than a burning desire to have a powerful list. The majority of the models I will be using come from the Blades of Khorne Start Collecting kit, the contents of which were in the original AoS starter.

To this end I decided against rolling randomly for my warleader's follower units...

2 January 2020

Path to Glory: The Brass Rampagers

Hello everyone!

I'm Tom and I am the new kid on the blog and I will be using the Blades of Khorne army as part of this Tale of Five Wargamers.

I will admit right now that this is an army I have had, built up, partially painted and based, and played a few games (likely less than 10!) with since the start of Age of Sigmar back in 2015. I own a large number of the models, most of which are in the annoying limbo of "sort of done"; they are not grey plastic, have lots of base layers down, but are by no means finished to a standard I consider done, nor are they based as I want them to be. This will change during 2020!
A bleeding totem, totally normal...

1 January 2020

A Tale of Four Warlords: A Path to Glory - Introduction

As 2020 begins so too does our next Team Tale, a venture into the Mortal Realms!

After a 2019 spent sailing the stars of the Imperium, traversing the immaterium and defending the beleaguered worlds of Imperial Nihilus it felt like time for a change, and whilst we each will continue to improve our existing Warhammer 40k forces the call to war from the Mortal Realms was too strong to ignore.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...