29 April 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus, End of Month 4

The first four months of the year are behind us, and it's bloody terrifying! Where oh where does the time go! Best to not dwell on all the things I haven't done, and focus on all the things I have - namely paint loads of models!
Vigilus' stands defiant... just about! Abaddon and the Black Legion gave it their best (worst???) but still the Imperium hangs on - defiant till the last!

This month saw me add a few more mechanical warriors of the Adeptus Mechanicus to the Imperial defenders still standing.

Up first, a second Onagar Dunecrawler to accompany the first one I painted in Month 1

21 April 2019

Bash the Back-log #2; Medge's Feb-April 2019

This year I've pledged to #BashtheBacklog - taking steps to correct that most grievous (but widespread) of hobby sins; the backlog of unpainted plastic!

Last update covered January through till mid February. This update we'll cover the end of Feb, March and April. 

In Bash the Back-log #1 I confessed to having expanded my hobby backlog by some margin (Birthday and Christmas had some very expected consequences!), and whilst I've made some headway in painting those mini's... and the few more I bought in March and April... for this series I'll only be focusing on the unpainted mini's I owned before the start of 2019.

So how am I doing?

13 April 2019

The cold grasp of Death, Part 2: The revenants rise... An Age of Sigmar Project by Medge

There's an unseasonable chill in the air... a sure sign of Shyishian magic stirring across the world. Many lie huddled within their homes fearful of the wrath of Nagash, but not I! For I have raised a mighty host in his service over the last month; a fitting tribute to the Great Necromancer!

In my last post I shared the origins of my Age of Sigmar: Death army, along with details of my initial Army List for the local league I'll be participating in. We're looking to start the league at the end of April so I thought mid-month would be a nice check-in point for the project.

So what have I been up to?

9 April 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: James' Officio Assassinorum, End of Month 3

//Initiate Vox Transmission

+++ Date: 21.128.VCM

+++ Ref:VGS/0016749/AsKT

+++ Initiator: REDACTED

+++ Re: Mission Parameters - Vigilus/Update

+++ Kill Team Talonbreaker Status: Standby

7 April 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Tim's Primaris Space Marines, End of Month 3

Month 3 is over, and true to form I have not actually painted the things I said I would... or not fully, anyway.

Instead I have painted some other things - to be precise, 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts!

1 April 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus, End of Month 3

March is over, and with it the next stage of our Vigilus Tale comes to a close. It's been a great month for fans of the Vigilus campaign with the awesome new Campaign book, Vigilus Ablaze, landing. Not only that but The Warmaster himself has finally come, and his arrival has heralded the launch of a beautiful new Chaos range!

As a former follower of the Dark Gods it brings me great pleasure to see so many amazing new miniatures grace the range. I, however, repented my sins and am now a model Martian citizen (read as lobotomised mini-painting servitor), and as such have resisted the call of Chaos to focus on my Adeptus Mechanicus.

At the end of last month I pledged to complete the Secutarii Hoplites, with the goal of stretching that to complete my Sicarian Infiltrators.

So how did I do?

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

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