29 March 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Neil's Ultramarines, End of Month 3

Hi all, March has been a very productive month for me painting wise with another 10 Intercessors, 5 Hellblasters, a Primaris Ancient, a Predator and a Redemptor rolling of my painting production line.  This now brings me to just short of 1500 points of painted Ultramarines that I've done since the start of 2019 and completes my first version of my doubles list so I can start gaming both on my own and with Matt to practice for solo and doubles events in the future.  Below I've got pictures of everything I've painted so far.

23 March 2019

The cold grasp of Death; An Age of Sigmar Project by Medge

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer, yet a chill wind blows through my hobby room...

Around a year ago the Mortal Realms were gripped by terrible, Malign Portents; a narrative event that foreshadowed the Soul Wars, Second Edition Age of Sigmar and the return of Nagash.

It was around this time that Battletome: Legions of Nagash landed (one of the early second edition Battletomes that, strangely, arrived before second edition launched) and I jumped fully into it! I picked up the Battletome and a Get Started: Skeleton Hordes and threw myself into painting for the Malign Portents painting competition.

6 March 2019

Bash the Back-log #1; Medge's Jan-Feb 2019

This year I've pledged to #BashtheBacklog - taking a step to correct that most grievous (but widespread) of hobby sins; the backlog of unpainted plastic!

In my first post I showed off some of my extensive (some would argue: excessive/ humiliating) backlog... and I'm ashamed to say that so far this year I've not so much bashed it and swollen it... adding a few extra boxes projects to the already sizable piles.

With Christmas, my Birthday (in early Feb) and a scheduled trip to Warhammer World to see off the end of our last Tale of Four Gamers for Fantasy I've had ample opportunity to add to my hobby projects, and unfortunately I lacked the willpower to resist!

Despite taking a step backward in my pledge, I have also take a few steps forward (promise!) making some progress on older projects and completing a few models from one of my piles of shame!

5 March 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Neil's Ultramarines, End of Month 2

February has been a very productive month painting wise for me, being able to get much more than just what I'd planned at the beginning of the month done.  So this month I managed to get 1 Primaris Captain, 2 Primaris Lieutenants, 10 Intercessors and 3 Aggressors painted. This greatly increases my Ultramarines force and give a good boost towards a 750 points doubles list so below are some pictures of the finished marines.

4 March 2019

Mustering For Vigilus - James' Adeptus Custodes: End of Month 2

Hi guys,

Vigilus is in need so it's just as well our 2nd month is at an end and we can provide some much needed reinforcements. Or at least that's what I would be saying were it not for the fact I really haven't painted that much this month.

2 March 2019

Mustering for Vigilus Month 2: Tim’s Primaris

Month 2 of the Vigilus muster is done, and I'm proud to present 7 more Dawnbringers reporting for duty. These are the heroic lieutenant, Ascanius Venator, and 6 Primaris reivers, hopefully to add to next month's Shadowspear release! I've also polished off the outstanding bit of painting on the Captain, Aeneas Herax, so I now have two characters, and these can double as a Watch Master (with custodian spear magnetised) and Watch Captain to allow experimenting playing as Deathwatch.

Ascanius Venator is a rising star among the Dawnbringers, currently operating under the command of Aeneas Herax. He was gifted with a finely crafted power sword by his commander in the Ultramarines  to recognise his distinguished service when operating as part of the Unnumbered Sons, which he bears keenly into battle - he is depicted drawing his power sword in the rather great Warhammer: Conquest lieutenant model (otherwise with its Ultrarines symbols filed down).

The Reiver models are wonderfully atmospheric, with a nice, dark, special ops vibe - I tried to reflect this with a darker colour scheme, eschewing the gold shoulder pauldrons of the rest of the marines I painted (it hardly seemed very stealthy) and painting the right pauldron an ominous black.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...