20 February 2020

Legio Praesagius: Part 2; Recon In Force

+++ Mission Parameters: Advance ahead of main battle group +++
+++ Locate enemy battlegroup +++
+++ Guide friendly battlegroup to engagement +++
+++ Harass enemy +++
+++ For the Legio, For the Emperor-Omnissiah +++

Hi all, it has been a while since I last posted about my AT18 titan but I have now completed another titan to add to the Legio force in a Warhound with two vulcan megabolters (which is not quite the two warhounds I said I would get painted in the last one).

7 February 2020

Path to Glory 2020: The Noctis Elite - A Shadow Cometh

January was a bit of a blur this year, in fact it went by so quickly I completely forgot to put up a post on my progress for the Tale!!

So how did January go? Did I get my models painted in time?

3 February 2020

Path to Glory 2020: Brass Rampagers III

The first month...

As I previously mentioned I am not starting a new army in 2020, instead I am using the Path to Glory as a way to get a force I have painted and onto the tabletop. So the majority of the full force I have already, and just require finishing. I have purchased a few additional units - Blood Warriors and Wrathmongers - to fill a few holes in my bloody host. Hopefully I will improve and speed up my painting along the way!

Sprues for His throne!

2 February 2020

Path to Glory 2020: Gorkamorka's Chosen, Part 1

It's mad to think that my first solo post in 2020 is in Feb, but here we are!

Jan 2020 was pretty busy for me; I started a new job and revamped two rooms in in my house (including my office/ hobby space). With all the disruption going on it was easy to let the blogging slip (I've started about 5 posts and got approximately no-where with any of them!!), but now that the dust has settled I'm raring to go.

Month 1 of our Tale of FIVE Warlords is now over, and work Gorkamorka's Chosen have progressed well. You may remember from my Intro Post that I was struggling with exactly what army to play. 2019 was a good year for Destruction with all three factions (Ogor Mawtribes, Gloomspite Gitz and Orruk Warclans) receiving new books and a splattering of new rules. 

The question before me was a difficult one; which faction should I play?!

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...