30 July 2019

Mustering For Vigilus: James' Adeptus Custodes - Wrap Up and What's Next?

And with this post, my watch has ended....

Our inaugural Tale of Four Warlords is now over, with all of us having finished up work our armies. Now it's time to enjoy the end results of some lovely painted miniatures and plan ahead for what to add next.
The Mustering for Vigilus has been a great little Tale( I say little, it lasted 6 months!) so I wanted to post up a summary of what I managed to paint, what I've enjoyed about the Custodes and where I plan on taking the army in the future!

28 July 2019

Bash the Back-log #4; Medge's June - July

This year I've pledged to #BashtheBacklog - taking steps to correct that most grievous (but widespread) of hobby sins; the backlog of unpainted plastic!

Last update covered the end of April, May and most of June.

It's been five weeks since my last installment... so how have I done?

27 July 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Neil's Ultramarines; Epilogue

Hi all, our Mustering for Vigilus group project has ended so I thought I would do a post to reflect on how it has gone, what I got painted and what my plans are now.

The Warhammer 40k project was done with the aim of getting all of use back into 40k a bit more and to build up forces to go to a doubles event so armies of around 750-1000 points.

17 July 2019

Vigilus Defiant: The End of the Tale. The Adeptus Mechanicus Depart

Snow crunched under metallic heels and wiring tread as Servitors reaped their harvest from the field of Kaelec's Bane. Tech Priest Dominus Argentos Viir surveyed his bionic flock as they went about their daily labours.

The dead would serve again, he mused. The flesh was weak, but could be used for gruel. The machine was strong and could be re-purposed.

As the war for Vigilus had continued Viir had indulged in more and more of these human thoughts, particularly when he surveyed the reclamation servitors. Death, it seemed, was the fate of man and machine in the end...

12 July 2019

Tales from the Tabletop - Wayland Games 1500 point Doubles Tournament

With the Tale completed and our Imperial forces all mustered, it's time for us to enjoy our lovely painted armies on the tabletop. To celebrate we're all attending a 1500 doubles tournament at Wayland Games this weekend. As it's doubles that means we're pairing off into teams, with Tim and I forming the first pair and Matt and Neil as the other (You can view their post here). This isn't the first time Tim and I have attended a doubles tournament, our first outing was at Warhammer World and resulted in us placing second! That's a feat I'm looking to repeat or beat (bring on 1st!!) but we've got a rather odd pairing of forces for this event...

10 July 2019

Fun and Fluff: Part 1. Project introduction, by Medge

With our Tale of Four Warlords project coming to a close my hobby desk was looking a little empty; well... apart from a slowly decreasing mound of Backlog projects I'm diligently working on in the background!

After some deliberation among the team we've decided that we're going to use the next few months to focus on solo projects or backlog bits we're not had time to do over the last year; we've actaully run two Tales back-to-back, which was pretty exhausting!

As a group we've been using our Tale of Four Warlords projects to prepare for tournaments or other gaming events, and so it seemed only right that my next solo project focused on the same thing.

Last year, before we really got in to 40k, James spotted a exciting 'little' event (100 participants... so not that little) down in London called the Fun & Fluff (presented by the London Wargaming Guild and run out of Dark Sphere in Shepherds Bush).

Follow the link for full details, but it's exactly like it sounds; a house-rule heavy, model-restricting tournament that aims to pitch beautifully painted and narrative-themed armies against one another in a tournament where being a nice guy and running a cool, thematic list bags your more points than cheesing a must-win list...

Sounds like bliss!!

Myself, James and Tim have all signed up and are looking to build suitably narrative armies to take to the event.

Since winning games doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of the event I've decided to go with something far from optimised.

9 July 2019

Tournament Operations: Joint Ops; Wayland Games Warhammer 40,000 Monthly Doubles - 750pts per player - 13th July 2019

The Mustering for Vigilus project has come to an end so we are all going to Wayland Games for their Warhammer 40,000 Monthly Doubles event, and as the event is a doubles event we're going as two teams, Matt and myself being one team.

The format is 750 points per player, giving a combined 1500 points army per team, with no Lords of War being used for the event and the rule of 3 for datasheets and the maximum 2 detachments being per team rather than per player.  CP are also shared between the two players but the 3 CP for being battleforged is only applied once to the starting CP total.  The day will have 3 games being player with 1 Eternal War mission, 1 Maelstrom of War mission and 1 Open War mission so it gives what could be quite a hard spread of missions to actually get the lists working across but hopefully it will be a fun day playing games with nice people!

6 July 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: James' Adeptus Custodes, End of Month 6

So then, here we are at the end of all things... or just the final month of another Tale of Four Warlords. It's been a good one and I've managed to finally get some paint onto my Custodes, something I'd always been meaning to do. I must admit as the Tale drew on I was finding myself lacking motivation. There's only so much gold a man can paint before it starts to lose it's lustre (pun totally intended). However now that I've managed to get some games in with the army, and somehow pick up wins, seeing those painted models on the table has given me a real drive to get the rest done. Well that and we all know that painted models are 100% guaranteed to roll better... and die first of course.

So what did I add to the collection of painted models this month?

3 July 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus, End of Month 6.

Month 6 is over, and with it our Vigilus Tale draws to an end.

This was the final month to finish our collections off, a final dash to finish those last models and to complete our tournament lists ahead of the doubles event at Wayland Games later this month.

At the end of Month 5 I pledged to complete 
1 more Syndonia Dragoon, 1 Tech Priest Dominus and 5 Skitarii Rangers to complete my tournament requirements, but also to round finish off all the assembled models I had left needing paint.

So how did I do?

Mustering for Vigilus: Neil's Ultramarines; End of Month 6

So the end of our 6th month of the Mustering for Vigilus series is here so its time more another update on how painting Ultramarines have gone.  This is in fact the end of the Mustering for Vigilus group project to get our collections to the point where we can all go to a doubles event at Wayland Games.

My aim this month was to paint a couple of characters in the form of the Primaris Apothecary and the Primaris Librarian as well as another 5 Primaris Intercessors to bring me to a nice round 30.

So lets see how that went.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

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