21 January 2019

Bash the Back-log! with Medge - An Introduction


We all have them; it's part of being a wargamer! 

Legend has it that so long as a Wargamer has unpainted models they can never die (and by legend I mean the guy I knew at University that got me back into the hobby... and it's a legend I chose to believe!)

The more likely truth is that we're all driven by the same appreciation of cool mini's and a general love of collecting "stuff", along with a somewhat fickle nature.

My own fickleness comes from a few places, which I'm sure may of you share;

1) I love both Fantasy and Science fiction and often find my hobby choices are influenced by the books, TV shows, films and video games I'm playing at the time.

2) I'm TERRIBLE for wanting to be unique, which see's me often drop projects I've started because others jump on the bandwagon (I have a fairly sizable Death army for Age of Sigmar unpainted because AoS 2.0 came out and everyone started playing Death...)

3) I'm trying to learn to be more competitive, but I hate both "net-listing" (for those that don't know: copying winning army lists off the internet and using them without understanding why they're strong) and playing the same "on-meta" list as everyone else (see (2) ). With that in mind I end up getting models for a list, trying them out, and dropping them when they're under-powered.

4) This is really specific to 40k, but I've been playing the game so long that everything excites me, and nothing excites me: by which I mean I get super hyped when a new codex drops, I buy it, buy models, but then my love for the faction fizzles before I complete the project. I guess a better way of thinking about it is that my love for the system has almost outgrown a single faction, which means I can never settle on any one to play.

Needless to say that these factors, coupled with where I am in my life right now, has resulted in a significant backlog of models (hereafter referred to as the "Pile of Shame")

As as I said before... we all have them.

Whether the Pile of Shame refers to a stack of BNIB models;

A box full of half finished projects;

A few cases filled with assembled yet incomplete projects;

or a criminally untidy desk (don't judge me!)...

they'll be models you own that you want to complete.

And for me - that's 2019's plan! Get through the pile of shame!

Every month I'll be aiming to complete at least one item from the back log; partially started projects, left-over models from complete projects, models brought for projects that never really took off and everything in between.

January has already been a terrifically successful month for it thank's to the Tale of Four Gamers project, but the full update for that will be coming at the start of February.

In the mean time I've got a Necromunda Warband in the pipeline (built from spare parts and the left-over Genestealer Cultist sprue from Kill Team), plenty of Warhammer Underworlds Warbands still to paint (more about that coming soon too...), and a tonne of Space Marines, Blood Bowl, and Age of Sigmar models in my back log before we even leave the Games Workshop pile!

If I stick to this plan not only will I have PLENTY of content to fill this blog, but it'll help me save a few pennies and slowly reduce the pile of shame to more manageable levels.

If anyone out there want's to join me then comment below with your Pile of Shame, and let me know you're plans to get on top of it in 2019. #BashtheBacklog!

Pick up you glue and brushes, and good luck to you all!


  1. Ah, another sufferer of HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) you never know when the hobby butterfly will flutter and settle next... I have a large to-do pile too... https://weemen.blogspot.com/p/siphs-to-do-mountain.html

  2. I'll play. It's basically what I'm doing with my current 'Tale of Four Warlords' anyway. Trying to do it only with models I own (except that new tech-priest coming out in Feb, dammit!)


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