28 August 2019

March for Macragge: Part 2

Hi all, its the end on August and I have finished painting all my Ultramarines that I had this month so though I'd get in a bit early with the pictures.  This month I have painted up a Repulsor Executioner and a Primaris Chaplain as new additions my Ultramarines force. 

14 August 2019

James' Necromunda - The Formless Court Assembles

Now that the Mustering for Vigilus is over I need to find a new project to dive into. Fortunately for me the local games club is starting another round of it's Necromunda Dominion campaign, I couldn't really ask for better timing on that. There's not much of a bigger change than going from the perfectly crafted gene enhanced super soldiers of the Custodians to a motley band of gangers slumming it in the Underhive of Necromunda, but I'm really looking forward to enjoying all the narrative that's packed into the game.

12 August 2019

Legio Praesagius: Part 1; Patent Granted

+++ Patent Granted: Legio Presagius +++
+++ Forge World Assigned: Gantz; Konor System; Ultramar; Segmentum Ultima +++
+++ Legio Grade: Primaris +++
+++ All Hail The Machine God And His Omnissiah +++

Hi all, I have started up a Legio Presagius force for Adeptus Titanicus from the Forge World Specialist Games Team.  I've been watching videos about this game on the Warhammer TV twitch channel since it came out and it looks awesome.  I decided to start my force with the staple of the 40k Legios the Reaver Battle Titan but in the Horus Heresy setting they take the second place spot behind the might Warlord.

My Reaver is armed with a Melta Cannon, Volcano Cannon and Turbo Laser Destroyer so in game it is very good at cracking the armour on titans but doesn't have the volume of shots to deal with the void shields so will need support from other titans with these kind of weapons when it comes to my legio's first walk.

11 August 2019

Fun and Fluff: Part 2. The Knights of Titan rise

Welcome back to the Fun and Fluff series; a short blog series dedicated to my preparation for the London Wargaming Guilds Fun and Fluff Tournament in October. 

Last post I talked about my army choices and put together a potential army list (along with a brief description of how I intended the army to play). It's been a month since that post... how have I gotten on?

3 August 2019

March for Macragge: Part 1 - An Ultramarines Project by Neil

Hi all, welcome to my first post in my March for Macragge series, in which I'll be sharing how my Ultramarines are progressing each month to continue to build on what I've already done as part of our group Mustering for Vigilus series.  The month (June '19 if you're reading this in the "future") I have painted up a Lieutenant in Phobos armour and a Repulsor to add to my Ultramarines.  If you read my epilogue post for Mustering for Vigilus then this wouldn't come as a surprise but you can now find some close up pictures of these below.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...