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Hello Readers!

I imagine most of you will end up here after following a link I've shamelessly shared on Facebook, and so you know me pretty well (although I'm very grateful for your time and interest!), but those those that are here following my fellow Warlords/ have stumble upon this page by accident then let me introduce myself!

My nicknames Medge, and that's what I'll go by online. I've been playing Wargames for about 20 years now, and have played a pretty wide number of systems:

And, of course, the 'big' ones:
Warhammer Fantasy Battle (sadly discontinued), Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic (sadly discontinued), Age of Sigmar (happily rising from the ashes of WFB!), and Warhammer 40,000 all by Games Workshop.

I've tried to start a blog before once or twice before and fell short both times. I tried to mix things up and juggle multiple projects, but running it on my own meant I always burnt out and failed to deliver. in 2018, however, myself and my fellow Warlords did an amazing job keeping a blog going as part of our inaugural Tale of Four Warlords for Age of Sigmar, hosted by Wargamer Online.

The Tale may have ended, but we decided to branch out and set up our own hobby blog right here to follow the next projects we'll take on together!

I can't speak for all my fellow Warlords, but I've been using this platform as a personal hobby diary; a way of chronicling my progress across various games systems, keeping myself motivated and hopefully inspiring some people in the community.
Myself and the Warlords also run joint projects throughout the year (some more successful than others!), and this blog serves as a way of staying on track and motivating each other throughout the project.

Below are a few links to my active (and completed) projects. Click and enjoy!

#Bash the Backlog
#Adeptus Mechanicus
#Imperial Knight
#Grand Alliance Death
#Grey Knights
#Team Yankee

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  1. You should revive some of your old content in 'blast from the past' or 'temporal distort' type posts, if the content is still of interest to games, its a great way to get your message and content across to a wider audience once ATOCW blog starts to attract attention by being updated regularly.


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