All about James

Hey everyone,

So I'm James and I’m another member of our intrepid little group of gamers.

I’ve been involved in the wargaming space for around 8 years, having been introduced to the hobby way back in my first year of Uni and the glory days of 40k 5th edition. That was all it took to get me hooked and I've been loving the hobby ever since.

My games of choice have been limited to the offerings of Games Workshop, largely: Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda and Blackstone Fortress. I've got my eye on jumping back into Infinity by Corvus Belli and am also very eager to try out some of the Warhamer RPG's on offer by Fantasy Flight/Cubicle 7

My early years in the hobby were spent doing what I've now come to realise is a classic mistake - building unassailable piles of assembled plastic that will likely never see a drop of paint. An issue I'd be continually dealing with until our first Tale of Four Gamers to celebrate the release of AoS 2nd edition.
After starting our first Tale of Four Gamers back in mid-2018 I’ve really been bitten by the hobby project bug, so I’ll be using this as a means of chronicling my attempts to finally work through my large backlog of assorted plastic. 

Right then enough chit-chat, there's models to be painted and dice to be rolled, let's get stuck in!

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