11 March 2020

Tournament Operations: Alpha Game Warhammer 40000 - 2000 points - 15th March 2020

Last year I started off the Tournament Operations post with a trip to Alpha Games near Bury St Edmunds for a 1750 point 40k tournament in June, so this March I am going to return to Alpha Games for a 2000 point 40k tournament.  I will be hoping to do better this year than last as I've had a whole year of gaming plus another event to (hopefully) improve.  I will be taking my Ultramarines along again but this time without a Imperial Knight to support them as I have more Ultramarines units so no longer need it  to make the points level and also this will allow me to use the Combat Doctrines rule that Space Marines have received since my last visit.

5 March 2020

Path to Glory 2020: The Noctis Elite - The Encroaching Darkness

So then Month 2 is done and I'll be honest it's been a slow one. The general melancholy that suffuses the air this time of year, combined with a bit of waning interest in Age of Sigmar within the group has meant that all of us didn't get too much done this month. I've forged on with the Bonereapers however and do have something to add, though not quite as much as I'd like. So what's been added to the legion?

Why more Mortek Guard of course!

The next 10 Mortek Guard

2 March 2020

Path to Glory 2020: Gorkamorka's Chosen, Part 2

February has come and gone, and with it goes another month of hobby progress.
And in all honesty - it's not been a great month for Age of Sigmar (at least for me).

A lot of competing hobby objectives coupled with a new job have drained my enthusiasm for Age of Sigmar this month, and pushing through to complete my path commitments felt a little too much like work; never a good thing...

Nevertheless complete a model I did, so say hello to the newest member of the Tribe

Path to Glory 2020: Indaril's Hunters - Part 2

As Indaril laid about her with her spear slaying the interlopers an enemy champion emerged from the melee. Finishing off her current foe, she turned to face this new threat beckoning them with her shield to challenge.  This champion was good and the fight was hard but it was Indaril who emerged victorious with her opponent's blood coating her spear.  As the dust settled on the fight, Indaril noticed new Sylvaneth warriors alongside her hunters, these tree revenants must have come from a household nearby who'd heard her song in the wind but she wouldn't question provenance as she had more enemies to slay.....

Hi all, its the end of month 2 for our path to glory so I thought I would share what I have added to my champion's warband.  Here are my tree revenants follower unit;

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...