19 June 2019

Tournament Operations: Alpha Games Warhammer 40k Tournament - 1,750 points - 22nd June 2019

With the Mustering for Vigilus series coming to a close, I now have around 2000 points of painted Ultramarines so I though that I could start trying to form a good tournament list by going to events and iterating my list to improve how it plays rather than my usual thing of slapping some units together and hoping it works well.

So for my first event I'm going to is at Alpha Games for a Warhammer 40k event with a 1750 pts limit, my list for this was made by taking the units I have and slapping them together into a list (with a knight) to make 1750 pts, this will form the basis from which I can playtest and iterate to hopefully improve its performance.

This initial list is:
Ultramarines Battalion
-Marneus Calgar in the Armour of Heraclus (Warlord: Adept of the Codex)
-Primaris Lieutenant (power sword, The Burning Blade)
-5 Intercessors (bolt rifles, auxiliary grenade launcher, chainsword)
-5 Intercessors (bolt rifles, auxiliary grenade launcher, chainsword)
-5 Intercessors (bolt rifles, auxiliary grenade launcher, chainsword)
-5 Intercessors (bolt rifles, auxiliary grenade launcher, chainsword)
-2 Victrix Honour Guard
-3 Aggressors (boltstorm gauntlets, fragstorm grenade launchers)
-3 Inceptors (assault bolters)
-3 Inceptors (plasma exterminators)
-5 Hellblasters (plasma incinerator)
House Taranis Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
-Knight Crusader (avenger gatling cannon, rapid fire battle cannon, heavy flamer, 2 heavy stubbers)
1744 points 10 CP

I think this list gives me a good amount of units for capturing objectives with good support heroes, some heavy firepower and a couple of interdiction units who can drop in and deal with threats and take back field objectives.  I will probably use 2 CPs at the start of battles on the Exalted Court and Heirlooms of the House stratagems to make my knight a character and give a warlord trait and relic, which will probably be Ion Bulwark for that 4+ invulnerable and Endless Fury for getting the most out of the avenger gatling cannon.

So this is me ready for my first foray into events with my Ultramarines, I will have an update on how I fared either at the end of each game if things go very badly (or extremely well) or within a couple of days after the event so keep your eyes peeled.

After Action Report
The event has happened now, and I had lots of fun.  There were 5 other players with quite a few of them practising for grand tournament heats I believe, so there were some competitive lists there but everyone was extremely friendly.  There were 3 games on the day, and I ended it with a win, a draw and a loss, placing 4th which I am happy with.  I played against: 
An Imperium list with a core of Graia rusty 17 battalion, a knight crusader and then an Adeptus Custodes Patrol with Trajann, a vexilus praetor, 5 custodian guard and 2 calladus grav tanks; 

A Nurgle list with a daemon battalion with 2 poxbringers, 2 units of 30 plaguebearers, 3 nurglings and a Death Guard detachment (or two) with a chaos lord, 2 hellforged deredeos,  2 hellforged contemptors and 3 plagueburst crawlers; 

And another Imperium list with a cadian loyal 32 battalion, a Cadian spearhead detachment with 2 tank commanders, one with a battle cannon and heavy bolter then one with a punisher cannon, a lascannon and two heavy plasma cannon,  a leman russ demolisher with heavy bolter, heavy weapon squad with lascannons and heavy weapon squad with mortars.
I enjoyed all the games and they were all reasonably close.  My list struggled to deal with t8 targets especially if they came in numbers, so I think the next iteration will swap in some more high strength weaponry to deal with these targets.
I also managed to score the award for best painted army with the Ultramarines which was great.

So I have some more painting to do before my next event, maybe one of those shiny new repulsor executioners. 

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