21 June 2019

Bash the Back-log #3; Medge's April - June

This year I've pledged to #BashtheBacklog - taking steps to correct that most grievous (but widespread) of hobby sins; the backlog of unpainted plastic!

Last update covered the end of Feb, March and the start of April. It's been 2 and a half months... so where am I now?
It's been a good last two and a half months for getting through my my backlog, but in a way that doesn't really lead to an interesting hobby blog post!

I've been suffering with a little bit of burnout over the last couple of months (feeling the effects of a busy work/ life schedule, plus a very production first quarter of the year for hobby) so I've tried my best to integrate my backlog into either gaming-centric activities or my existing Adeptus Mechanicus Tale. As a result I've cracked through a fair bit... but you've mostly already seen it (if you've been following my other posts that is!)

So this entry to #BashtheBacklog will look a little familiar!

Starting with Age of Sigmar, my Death army grew with the addition of Arkhan the Black and a trio of Death generals: a Necromancer, a Vampire Lord and a Guardian of Souls

Arkhan was built from the Mortarch kit I had left over from last years Blades of the Blood Queen battlebox, purchased Jan last year as part of my big Death push that never happened!

The Necromancer and Vampire Lord were bought about the same time for the same reason.

As for the Guardian of Souls, he was left over from the Soul Wars box purchased summer last year.

That does it for Age of Sigmar, up next... 40K!

With the Muster for Vigilus taking up most of my 40K hobby time my focus was really on getting the models I needed for my 750 Doubles list ready. The Sydonian Dragoon, Onagar Dunecrawler, Kastelan Robots, Cybernetica Datasmith and Kataphron Destroyers were all purchased this side of Christmas and so don't count towards my Backlog challenge.

I did, however, finally recover my wonderful Questoris Styrix!
I bought this model way back in 2014/2015 and painted it up in a horribly corrupt manner (befitting a Knight following the Word Bearers!) - it was a good paint job (one I was very proud of) but the Knight was bought and painted to try and reinvigorate my enthusiasm for 40k/ Horus Heresy during a time where I was particularly critical of GW and 40k. 
That mission failed, and the well painted Knight sat unused for 4-5 years whilst most of the rest of my Heresy army was sold off. 
GW and 40k are, thankfully, in a much better place in 2019, and with my enthusiasm nice and high I sought to restore this model to it's noble, loyalist, origins

Regular followers of the blog will know I spent a fun bank holiday weekend in the sun stripping and cleaning a former Chaos Knight down and rebuilding it. 

Having successfully rebuilt the model I set up painting it up in the colours of my Knightly house, House Esmaral.

The restoration project left the Knight a little battered. Despite multiple washes in Isopropanol I wasn't able to shift all of the residual paint, particularly in some of the tight recesses. I was pleased with the recovery job, but knew it wasn't my best work... or so I thought!!

Two days after sharing the photo on Instagram, I got quite the shock!

A request from GW Official asking my permission to share the model with you all on their Webstore! I was ecstatic! And for the next few days I must have refreshed the Forge World page 100 times waiting for this...

I've never considered myself a great painter - top end of average at best. But this accolade (certainly my proudest as a painter) has reinvigorated my love of painting! Lets see what comes next!

Before I sign off properly there was one other model I managed to complete from my Backlog - a humble Ultramarines Captain.

Somewhat of an anti-climax to this blog post after the joy of my Questoris Styrix, this Space Marine Captain was received as part of a trade for some Marines back in 2017 (the same trade where I got my Blood Angels Lieutenant from Bash the Backlog #3). Like most of the Marines from that trade he's been collecting dust for a few years. But with Guilliman completed in my last post I felt the need to paint some more Blue, and a nicely modeled Captain seemed perfect.

That brings us to the end of another chapter of Bash the Backlog, so time to take stock:

Jan-Feb 2019:

2 Imperial Knights
1 Knight Armiger
1 Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant
1 Adeptus Mechanicus Sydionian Dragoon

Feb-April 2019

1 Blood Angel Primaris Captain
1 Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant
1 Blood Angels Chaplain
1 Blood Angels Lieutenant
Robute Gulliman - Primach of the Ultramarines
20 Chainrasps
20 Skeleton Warriors

April-June 2019

1 Questoris Knight 
1 Ultramarine Captain
1 Vampire Lord
1 Guardian of Souls
1 Necromancer
1 Arkhan the Black

An extra 6 models down - not the greatest dent in the Backlog, but a dent nonetheless. A few big pieces knocked out though, which has good and bad points.
I've spent a lot of time gathering up some existing/ unfinished projects over the last few weeks too... not doing anything with them mind! But shuffling them round my desk hoping inspiration strikes.
Hopefully it will in time for Bash the Backlog Part 4!
If anyone out there is following along then comment below with how you're getting on, and let's Bash this Backlog together!

Until next time, so long!

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