15 June 2019

The cold grasp of Death: Part 4... Summon the Generals

There are a great many creatures that call the Great Necromancer 'Master'. Mortal, immortal and undead alike pay homage to Nagash as the supreme ruler of Undeath... and one of each joins the ranks of my army this month.

Mortals are drawn to the realm of Shyish; their fear of death and lust for power make them easy to convert to Nagash's cause. 

So it was that Lukas Kavran fell from grace.

A former disciple of the Collegiate Arcana in High Azyr, Lukas worked tirelessly practicing his art. When the Necroquake swept across the realms magic became easier than ever to harness, and Lukas' power swelled. His confidence quickly became arrogance, and he sought ever more dangerous magic to sate his lust.

When his search for new magic drew him to Shyish, Neferata sensed a powerful and corruptible soul draw close. Sending emissaries offering gifts and knowledge, Lukas willingly sold his soul for the power she promised. Too late did he realise what the power would cost him... but Lukas cared not... untapped power and immortality lay before him, and his soul was worth the price...

I've opted to paint this Necromancer in slightly different colours to the traditional dark and dirty grey. The dark purple under-cloak matches that on my Skeletons, whilst the vibrant red ties him to Neferata and my Vampire lords, illustrating where his allegiance lies and reinforcing his position above the undead flock. 

Speaking of Vampires..:

Baron Varl, Vampire Lord and immortal servant of Neferata. 

Compared to many Vampires, Varl is fervently loyal to Neferata and would do anything for his Queen. While many within the court of Nulahmia seek to win favour with Neferata (or seek to de-throne her) through guile, wit and subterfuge, Varl knows his skills with blade and claw far outweigh his skills in the subtler arts.
Varl excels in adopting the form of the Flying Horror - that of a monstrous humanoid bat. Varl delights in seeing the fear in his victims eyes as falls on them them from the sky and pins them to the earth. 
With his victim helpless in his claws Varl morphs into his more human aspect right before their eyes. His Bones crunch and skin bubbles and melts away to reveal the menacing form beneath. Mid transformation he goes for the kill, when the victims fear reaches its apex, and he feasts on their terror rich blood.

Varl I chose to paint in traditional Vampire Red, Black and Gold. His skin tone is pale, as befits any Vampire, with a subtle purple hue; helping to highlight his connection to Death magic

Last but by no means least floats the ghostly form of the Soul Shepherd; Arkhan's Guardian of Souls. 

The Soul Shepherd was a preacher in life; a harbinger of the Great Necromancer who traveled the Realms to spread the word of Nagash. The Shepherd, however, lost his way; he found the Sigmar, the great betrayer, a more 'worthy' god and left worship of Nagash behind. Never one to forgive a transgression against him, Nagash has cursed the Shepherd to undeath; driving the Nighthaunt legions in to battle forever

With these three Commanders at the head of my 1000 point Legion of Sacrament I hope to be able to overcome some of the issues I had before (namely an over-reliance on Arkhan for my Command Abilities and healing Auras). But lets see how it plays in my final game of the league!

These models will likely mark the end of my brief return to Nagash's service. July we start our next Tale of Four Warlords, a new AoS project, and I have grand designs for it! A project I've been talking about for 2 years will finally begin... and it's gonna be a big one!

Can't wait! Stay tuned!

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