6 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Tim's Primaris, End of Month (4 and) 5

Here we are, at the end of Month 5, and I haven't even done Month 4's post yet - here, therefore, are both of these months' catch up collected together. Progress on my Primaris has been fairly slow due to life and its many distractions... and also the huge chaos release in March, which distracted me back to Heresy for a while.

However, after a thorough purge by my company's Chaplain and some awkward questions from a visiting Inquisitor (my thumbs have since recovered enough to paint), I am now fully certified as a loyalist cur.

My focus has been on getting some troops done to make my 750pt list, while fending off Chaotic distractions. Accordingly, I have painted 7 fresh intercessors to give me a core (and the heart of a Deathwatch battalion). I like how these guys come out, though I am yet to fully pin down the quickest way to do their colour scheme - it is a balancing act between shades and highlighting on a fairly uniform dusty surface, so any stains or missteps show up clearly. However I am pleased with the final result - the dust, red and gold has a nice combination of the heraldic with the realistic.

I have also repaired primarch Roboute Guilliman, who unfortunately suffered somewhat in transit and lost his sword, as well as lacking a key part in the standard Imperial issue "halo and eagles" section of his backpack. I therefore sliced up a Lord Relictor's standard to give him a nice Grimdark replacement - I like to think he bears a memorial to the founding hero of the Dawnbringers chapter, in honour to their service in the Indomitus Crusade. The sword got pinned and swivelled down to a more stable pose where it could be glued to his knee - I am pleased with the result, which strikes a nice balance between the dramatic (focussing more attention on the sweep of his bolter on his left gauntlet) and the durable.

Finally I've been kitbashing some bonus characters for my marines - a smash captain and a lieutenant, as well as changes to make the Ancient (standard bearer) more dramatic. It will be nice to be able to use some as generation 1 space marine characters for some more tactical flexibility in battle.

Next month I will aim to paint a few more Primaris of different varieties - a baseline of updating my characters for the 750pt list I plan to take to a doubles tourney in July (painting either a jump pack captain, or a terminator armoured one) and 3 inceptors, with a stretch pledge of further characters.

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