5 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: James' Adeptus Custodes, End of Month 5

Here we are at the end of month 5, with only one month of the Tale left to go the time seems to have flown by. For this month I decided to pull back on my pledges and just focus on one unit, with the goal being to really try to focus on getting at least one hours painting in a day. For me the important part this month wasn't to get loads done, but to really start building good hobby habits that I can move forward with to help my army painting. 

So then what did I actually manage to paint? To the surprise of probably not too many people I didn't manage to get all three jetbikes painted, having to settle for only 2 of the Vertus Praetors being completed this month (I didn't quite appreciate how big the jetbike itself was until I started painting the damn things). I did however manage to stick towards my hobby habit and picked up the brush for at least an hour every day, with quite a few days amounting to several hours at the painting desk. For me this was the real achievement of the month as I'd really lost steam for painting recently. So to have my mojo back and, with it, a real sense of excitement and motivation to work on my models again I'm feeling pretty great. 

Here are some more pictures of the models after which it's time to get that final months pledge in!

I'm happy with how these models have come out in the end. One of the main issues I ran into this month was painting the large flat surfaces with Auric Armour Gold. For those that haven't had the pleasure of this lovely paint it's one of GW's older metallics, so unlike Retributor Armour and Liberator Gold that actually flow when you take them out of the pot Auric Armour Gold acts more as a solid lump of pigment that you have to slowly convince to actually become paint. This presented a rather large issue when painting the flat panels on the jetbikes as the paint had a tendency to streak very noticeably. As Custodes armour is all small panels broken up by ornate filligree there's very few areas where the paint can end up clumping like that. Eventually I found that using Lahmian medium to dilute the paint down, rather than water, largely helped to solve the issue. It did however still mean painting many, many layers onto the gold to get a nice finish. In the end though the suffering was definitely worth it. Otherwise the models were great fun to paint and I'm looking forward to getting the next 2 done. Speaking of which...

We've hit the final month of the pledge, so it's time to go big or go home! Myself and my fellow warlords are planning on heading to a doubles event in July to celebrate finishing the Tale so I need to make sure my list is fully painted and ready to go. I've still got one jetbike left to do from the squad of three Vertus Prators but what else is on the painting table? Well up first I've got a treat for myself in the form of a Contemptor Achillus Dreadnought from Forgeworld. Not only is this a lovely model but it also serves as a nice change of pace from painting the jetbikes for nearly two straight months. After that I'll need a mighty warlord to lead my army in to battle and I can think of nothing better than the dreaded Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike. This guy is an absolute monster on the table and has frequently saved games for me. So that's it for the last month only three models to get through and I'll have the beginnings of my first painted 40k army all done and dusted, something I never thought I'd say. Well then that's all for now so I'll see everyone for the final months update at the end of June.

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