2 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus, End of Month 5

The penultimate month of our little Tale is over, and with it come the realisation that I've painted A LOT of Adeptus Mechanicus so far this year!! Next month I'll post up a full army pic to show off the last 6 months accomplishments, but for now I'll just stick to this months completed minis.

At the end of Month 4 I pledged to complete 1 Sydonian Dragoon as my core pledge, with a stretch goal of completing/ revitilising my Questoris Knight Styrix.

So how did I do?

To be honest, painting 40K was a struggle this month. With the release of Forbidden Power, the next chapter in the Souls Wars story line, and our little group planning our next Tale, coupled with the Death army I'm building towards the Age of Sigmar League I've been pretty AoS-focused. For about 2 weeks the Dragoon sat in it's box and the Knight sat undercoated waiting for inspiration to hit.

BUT a free weekend mid month saw me pick up my brush and get started... and finished! The dragoon took me about 2 days (Emperor bless Leadbelcher spray and Nuln Oil!)

With one of these already in my collection from Month 1 it was pretty easy to copy over the colours. The concession I made in building this compared to my other was to drop all the "optional extras" you can add to the steering frame - I figure the squadron leader will have all the sensors and communications gear required to lead the squad.

I really love the aesthetic of these models - they're really visually distinct compared to the rest of the 40K range and I'm super hyped to add more to the list. I'm also excited to see how the pair of these do in a game!
What I really don't like is how bloody fiddly the models are! With so many dangling cables and protruding antenna something invariably breaks off.. which is such a shame!

Ah well...

With the Dragoon complete I moved on to the big boy...
Knight Kieror Blanch rides again!

I'm so pleased to have finally recovered this model!!
A relic from my former Word Bearers 30k/Heresy/ Chaos army, this mode saw limited action, but a loving paint job. The upper carapace was bedecked in swirling symbols lifted straight from the Forge World Lorgar model, and the edges were caked in the rust and grime expected of a warp-touched Knight.

But after I fell out with Chaos (40k in general really) the model just sat languishing on the side. This tale has given him reason to march again!

I've made more extensive use of the white/ purple counter change on this model compared to my other Knights (see Month 2) to demonstrate the Styrix's closer links to my AdMech Forge World.
Where the other household Knights are cared for by the House's sacristan, the Questoris Class Knights are equipped with more esoteric and dangerous weapons that require the delicate touch of the Martian priesthood. To honour this debt, the Keiror marches with the Mechanicus more often than other Imperial forces, and bares the colours of Pitar Tertius to reflect that.
His personal heraldry also reflects his dual allegiance, his right shoulder guard bearing the tricolour cogged stripe of Red (for Mars), White and Purple (for Pitar Tertius) on a field of Green (for house Esmaral). 

Keiror also displays the traditional Red quarter given over to Mars, and the Cog-encircled Gem symbol of House Esmaral

This concludes May's painting. From a pretty poor start to the month I think I've done alright!

June marks the final month of our Vigilus tale, and all that's left for me is to fill out what I need for my 750 tournament list ready for our event in July. As our final month I'll also look to wrap up any outstanding AdMech I have ahead of closing out this hobby chapter (well... putting a bookmark in it. I'll be revisiting the AdMech for sure!)

That means my pledge this month is to complete 1 more Syndonia Dragoon (bringing me up to 3 total), 1 Tech Priest Dominus (a leftover from my second Get Started box), and 5 Skitarii Rangers with no upgrades (just to bulk out a squad). Easy!
Best of luck with all your hobby endeavors everyone, and if you like what you see/ read here and want to follow along don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list and check me out over on Instagram (#DrMedge

Thanks again, and see you soon!

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