27 August 2020

WW3 - 27th (Neil's Own) Lancers - Reconnaissance

Hi all it's Neil here back for some more of my 27th (Neil's Own) Lancers for WW3 Team Yankee.  This post is showing my latest additions to this force, a pair of reconnaissance units.  These are a unit of 4 Scorpions and a unit of 4 Scimitars, to work towards my planned list from the previous post.

20 August 2020

WW3: Team Yankee - Faction Focus: US - Part 2: Support Units

Hi all it's Neil here and welcome back to my WW3 Team Yankee Series.  This is Part 2 of my look at the new US book.  In this post I'm going to look at the support units available to US players, this is both Divisional Support Choices as well as supporting options in formations (i.e non compulsory/"black box" units basically).  If you're wanting to see the formations the check out Part 1 here.

These Support units can be divided up into these categories; anti-tank missile launchers, artillery, AA and aircraft .  There is a single unit which I wouldn't talk about here which is only available as a support unit, the M551 Sheridan tank.  This is because as it was the only tank that's not a black box unit I decided to take a look in Part 1 with the other tanks.

14 August 2020

Xenos on Crusade - Tim's Drukhari Month 2: Emboldened by Bloodshed

Hi all it's Tim here, with the next instalment in my Drukhari crusade.

Progress so far

After the massive burst of energy for the first month and a half, my sadistic space elves have had to retreat back to the shadows as a burst of enthusiasm for painting space marines took over with the launch of New 40k and Indomitus.

However, they are still on track, with the last remaining element of my starting force taking on the mantle of agony (/ base coats of paint) and needing tidy up and working to a proper finish. This month I:
  1. painted a few more kabalite warriors with splinter rifles to get 2 properly equipped squads
  2. basecoated my Wracks (converted from crypt ghouls with creepy harlequin masks to go with my converted Grotesques, and adding worrying  prosthetics)
  3. magnetised my 6 Talos and laid down the base coat on the first one to join my Crusade
  4. converted some Sslyth with a covens like flavour from spare parts lying around - these creepy bodyguards have been gifted to Archon Orfeon by his Coven allies, and
  5. painted up a fair bit of my Haemonculus, Kaizin; and
  6. finished off some pre-Crusade Drukhari painting, in the form of a Razorwing Jetfighter.
Here are the results - I don't have a lightbox for proper background, but I do have a book full of pictures of volcanoes: so that is what my Drukhari will have!

13 August 2020

Breaking the Iron Curtain; Part 3. American Starter Force Unboxing and Book First Impressions

Welcome back to "Breaking the Iron Curtain" - a beginners perspective series for World War III "Team Yankee" by Battlefront Games

So far as part of this series I've put together a small force for the United States of America, building and painting the old US starter sets "Bannon's Boys" and "Ryan's Leathernecks", and taking my first steps into learning the rules.

It's been a great month to be a budding US player with so many amazing new and updated plastic kits launched, a new Starter Set and a new faction book packed with exciting rules! 

Try as I might, I couldn't resist the pull of the new Starter Box; there's so much value in that box and the models really complement what I already had. I also needed to pick up the newest book as I've got my first game coming soon, and wanted to make sure I could actually run the right formations!

For this months update I thought I'd do an unboxing post for the new US starter, talk through the decisions I made when building up the models, and then mention some of the cool new additions in the 2nd Edition US Faction Book.

Let's get into it!

7 August 2020

Hobby Home Improvements: Building a Better Hobby Desk

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I'd do something a bit different from the usual painting post and take a deep dive into one of the oft unexplored realms of the hobby - the ubiquitous hobby desk. 

We've all got one; whether it's a tiny corner of the kitchen table or an entire garden office dedicated to nothing but the glory of your miniature collection, no hobby enthusiast can do without this most essential tool. For myself, I've often just settled for whatever space I could find. It's never been ideal, it's rarely ever been spacious, but it's allowed me to clip, file and paint my way to a surprisingly large collection of models.

However, having just recently moved home, I've been presented with a rare opportunity to design my own room; and with it, the chance to build my perfect hobby zone. My previous set up was far, far away from functional. Sharing the space with my PC and digging through an old Citadel Hobby Project Box (these things sound like a great idea up until the first moment you actually use them) to find my paints/tools for the day was not the best start to a hobby session. 

So what then would I change? What exactly constitutes a perfect hobby desk in the madness that is my mind?

6 August 2020

WW3: Team Yankee - Faction Focus: US - Part 1: Formations

Hi all it's Neil here and welcome back to my WW3: Team Yankee series.  This is going to be Part 1 of my look at the new US book.  In this post I will look at the various formations available to US players.  This isn't going to be a deep look into competitiveness of the various options rather it will be a newer player's look at the options.  If you are also a newer player to WW3 Team Yankee I would suggest to read this Introduction post first.  This is going to be quite a long post due how much is in the new book so I hope you feel like sticking with it and get to the end.

4 August 2020

Xenos on Crusade: Awakening the Tomb IV

Hey everyone, Tom here!

So July is now over and I just managed to fully paint the first 25PL (26PL actually) of my crusade force, just in time with the release of the #New40k rules! Here is the force crammed into my light box like errr well skeletons in a tomb!

Xenos on Crusade: James' Craftworld Eldar - Part 2

Why hello there reader,

Well, last weekend was certainly an eventful one, wasn't it? 

The release of Indomitus and 9th ed Warhammer 40,000 was a big moment for the hobby, and I know both myself and my fellow warlords felt the excitement keenly. However, being the only one out of our group not to buy a copy of Indomitus certainly left me feeling a bit deflated. What can I say, all these new Marines and especially the Necrons had me very tempted to start another new force! 

Fortunately, the Ai'elethra (or the Path for any Mon'Keigh reading) has allowed me to resist temptation and continue on with my Craftworlders. For Month 2 we were tasked with painting up a full 25PL, ready to begin playing our first Crusade games as and when we are free to roll our dice with abandon. Having only managed to paint 11PL last month with my one completed unit of Wraithguard I'd have to get through a chunk of models to make that target. Unfortunately, as I'll go into, life had other plans for my hobby time.

3 August 2020

Xenos on Crusade: Neil the Devourer; Hive Fleet Lindwyrm Month 2

Hi all it's Neil here with a look at my second month's progress on our 9th edition 40k group project.  This months aim was to get any outstanding models from the 50 power initial list built and to get at least 25 power painted ready for battle.  For me, I had ended month 1 with 22 power's worth of models painted up already though I was still 17 power down on having built my planned 50 power.  The only model I had left to paint at the beginning of the month was my Tyrannofex so this made its way from the spawning pools to the painting table.

1 August 2020

For the Greater Good; Part 2. A Xenos Crusade Update by Medge

T'au'va Reader! 

Welcome back to "For the Greater Good", a Xenos on crusade project update. With 9th Edition now upon us I'm more excited than ever for Warhammer 40k and, despite all the new reinforcements my Blood Angels received, I've still been chipping away with the Tau Empire.

This month our Goal was to bring our Crusade forces up to 25 PL (based on the 8th Edition Power Levels). This meant a quiet month for me, with 20 PL already complete after my Commander and Battlesuits from month one. With the extra time I had available I started thinking about my Crusade narrative, and began fleshing out out the backstory for my Commander, O'Ashi, and his Strike Force.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...