16 September 2019

Fun and Fluff: Part 3. The Knights of Titan Assemble

Welcome back to the Fun and Fluff series; a short blog series dedicated to my preparation for the London Wargaming Guilds Fun and Fluff Tournament in October. 

Last post I talked about the changes to my army, updated on the progress I had made and set out some painting targets I needed to achieve to have a complete force by the event. It's been a very quiet 5 weeks since that post... how have I gotten on?

Tales from the Tabletop - Getting ready for the Fun'N'Fluff 1500pts Tournament

With my Custodes Tale done for the year I find myself wanting to continue painting the army I've really enjoyed working on and there's no better motivator than a tournament. It gives me a hard deadline to work to and a list of units that all need to be done.

But which tournament? 

We're quite lucky in that there's a few places nearby that host regularly scheduled events but I've never been one to want to play at the cutting edge of the 'meta'. I like my games with a bit of narrative weaved in and I've always shied away from playing the Custodes to the most competitive version they can be. Which means I'd end up invariably struggling to win a single game at a standard tournament. After having a look around the local scene I found an event that's perfect for my style of play - The LWGG Fun'n'Fluff Tournament.

5 September 2019

James' Hobby Projects - Getting started with Warcry

Having spent the better half of the year working on nothing but 40k I've been eagerly looking to get stuck into another project and it just so happens Games Workshop gave me a wonderful solution in the form of Warcry. The game was teased for months and with every drop of information I became more and more excited. A skirmish game set in Age of Sigmar, with a focus on small bands of Chaos influenced humans. Sign me up!!

Though the game has been out for over a month I haven't really had the chance to sit down and crack on with painting it. Finishing off the last of my Custodes took a priority towards the end of July and I spent August taking a break and play testing everything Warcry had to offer. Needless to say the game is great fun and does exactly what I want, provides thick and fast action with a real drive of narrative and fun gameplay whilst only taking around 30mins to an hour to get a full game in. Having been utterly hooked in I decided it's finally time I paint one of the starter boxes I've bought over the last few years and cracked on with some pieces last week.

3 September 2019

Tournament Operations: A New Codex and a New List; Initial Ideas

With the release of the new Codex Space Marines and the Codex Supplement Ultramarines, I have been having a think again about my plans for a tournament list.  I thought I'd share a few things I've found from reading the codex and what list I've decided will start me off on playing competitive games with the changes.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...