29 January 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus, End of Month 1

January comes to an end, and with it the first month of our Tale.

For those that didn't read my Intro post, we're pledging small elements at each step to stop ourselves from getting too carried away.

I, as you will soon learn is in my character, got carried away!

24 January 2019

Rise of Iron - Assembling House Orlock

Hi All,

Think it's about time I add another post to this blog, I can't let Medge and Neil do all the hard work! 

Necromunda is a game I'd long been looking to get involved with; However with the rules spread out over 5 different books, each with a rather hefty price tag attached, I've been struggling to justify actually taking the leap and buying in. How fortunate I was then that at the end of last year not only did Games Workshop at last bless us with a full rules compendium but my club also decided to organise a Turf War campaign in honour of the occasion. It seemed that there were many people like me just waiting to get involved once the rule books arrived. So with this I decided to jump in and join a gang. 

21 January 2019

Bash the Back-log! with Medge - An Introduction


We all have them; it's part of being a wargamer! 

Legend has it that so long as a Wargamer has unpainted models they can never die (and by legend I mean the guy I knew at University that got me back into the hobby... and it's a legend I chose to believe!)

19 January 2019

WW3 - 27th (Neil's Own) Lancers - Hail to the Chief-tain

Hi all, I have now completed the painting of my five Chieftain tanks, which are divided into a Company HQ unit consisting of a single Chieftain and two Squads of two Chieftains in game to form a minimum sized Chieftain Armoured Company formation.

I have tried to go for a historical style paint scheme but there are some bits that may be non historical colours or styles for game play reasons.

15 January 2019

Medge's Necromunda - The rise of the Sacred Flame

It all began, as it often does, with flame... 

A young boy orphaned in the never-ending turf-wars in the Underhive of Necromunda, his first clear memory the pyroclastic blossom of promethium engulfing his father and mother. 

His second memory being "rescued" by the Candle Man; a strange man covers in robes, his head adorned with candles; the flames of the candles dancing to the same rhythm as the flames still burning on his parents corpses. 
In the years to come the youth would make the connection, he would realise his saviour was also the man who condemmed him to a parentless life, but on that first day he was only the Candle Man, preacher of the Redemption, and foster father to dozens of young orphans. 

12 January 2019

How to Paint with Medge: Forge World Pitar Tertius Skitarii

Let's be perfectly clear... I'm not a good painter; I'm distinctly average (maybe above average if I push myself, but I'm far from competition worthy!)

So when you read this Blog title as "How to Paint" remember that it doesn't say "How to paint well"!!

The purpose of this series is for me to document exactly how I've gone about painting up models/ units in my collection so that when I come back to them I don't do something totally different.

4 January 2019

WW3 - 27th (Neil's Own) Lancers - Neil's British Forces For Team Yankee

I like tanks (and I mean why wouldn't you), they're cool and interesting vehicles.  To scratch my tank itch, I've decided to pick up my Team Yankee British forces from Battlefront which have been sitting in a box for while as a side project. Team Yankee is a game that I haven't played but its set in an interesting alternative timeline where the Cold War turns into a shooting war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Europe.

3 January 2019

Mustering for Vigilus - James' Adeptus Custodes Introduction

So then here we are at the start of 2019. There's a chill in the air, I've got plenty of chocolate to eat and it's time to start a new project!

I've always been envious of those hobbyist's who could just collect and paint a whole army in a matter of months. The New Year exemplified this feeling as I'd see swathes of gamers pop into the local Games Workshop ready to buy all their lovely miniatures for the brand new army they're starting, meanwhile I'd have to once again tell myself - "No James, you've got mountains of models that need painting, no new models for you...."

Mustering for Vigilus - Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus Introduction

New Year, New Army...

That's a phrase that gets thrown round a lot this time of year, especially when commencing a new Campaign/ Tale of Four Gamers.

And I'd be lying if I said I've never said it...

In fact, last year during our Age of Sigmar Tale I started not one, but two brand new armies to complete my Destruction army (both Beastclaw Raiders and Ironjaws).

But NOT this year! This year I'm committing to being sensible (new years resolution I'm sure won't make it past March!) and as part of that I'll be revisiting a small project I started nearly two years ago - Adeptus Mechanicus.

Mustering for Vigilus - Tim's Primaris Introduction

I'm thrilled to be joining my fellow warlords for this year's first project: mustering Imperial armies for Vigilus. Unlike all my fellow gamers, this will be my first imperial army. Apart from dallying with the T'au, my first ever force who had just peeped up into imperial sight over the Damocles Gulf when I started collecting, my 40k forces - and indeed my largest AoS force! - are all pledged to Chaos. What better opposition to these, then, than the heroic new space marines? I will be adding to the Ultima Founding with the lauded Dawnbringers chapter. Fluff below for those who are interested; the hobby pledges resume on the other side of the "---" divisions.

Mustering for Vigilus - Neil's Ultramarines Introduction

Right so to kick of 2019 as part of our Warhammer 40k Tale of 4 Gamers, which we're calling Mustering for Vigilus, I will be doing an Ultramarines strike force.

The aim of this TO4G will be to go to a doubles event so we're building up to 1000 points Matched Play lists.  My doubles partner for the event will be Matt so we'll be partnering Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus.

My plan for my Ultramarines will be go primaris heavy as I really like these new models with their throwbacks to the heresy models like the MKIV armour.  I am also going to use this project to get my airbrush out and try to get a bit better with this tool as space marines are the perfect canvas for this.

Welcome & Introduction

Hi all, and welcome to our blog.

After an enormously successful first group hobby project we've decided to set up this blog to chronicle our painting and gaming - a collective hobby-diary of sorts.

As a group we plan on doing "Tale of Four Gamers" style projects - We'll each build and paint models over 3-6 months working towards a specific project goal (usually a gaming event or a set points limits).  After each project we will have a short break (probably!) before starting the next one with a new event as the goal.
Every month we'll each provide an update of our progress, with the occasional interim post for those that are super keen.
In addition to  the group project we'll all be working on personal projects which we'll chronicle and share here too.

We've all found the blog format to be a great motivator, and hope to continue to use it to push us to more success. 

And as much as this blog exists to motivate us, we're also writing it for you. Wargaming and modelling is, at it's heart, a community-driven hobby and we're keen to not only show off our progress but take comments on how we're doing and points for improvement, and to encourage others to follow in our footsteps.

We hope that you find our posts interesting and enjoyable, and look forward to engaging with you in the comments 😀

Let the painting begin!

Neil, Medge, James and Tim

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