23 February 2021

For the Lion: The Primarch Himself

Hi all it's Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Primarch himself today.  Over the Christmas break and into the beginning of the new year I cleared my painting schedule to paint up the Primarch Lion El'Johnson model that I picked up back in about September.  I had planned on finishing the model before the end of 2020 to end the year on a painting high but ended up overrunning into the beginning do 2021.  I wanted to give the model the attention to deserved as a big (expensive) centre piece so I tried to improve my painting in a couple of areas over the mini project.  These areas were cloth, especially the highlighting of it, and bare heads.

16 February 2021

Necromunda's 766th Precinct: Neil's Palanite Enforcers; Starting Roster

Hi all Neil here with something new.  This is the first post about my Necromunda gang for which I've chosen to go with Palanite Enforcers as they look super cool (and my other choice is already played by another warlord).  To kick these off I picked up the standard box of Enforcers then headed over to Yaktribe with some guidance by Thomas and James (and a bit from Matt too) went about putting together a 1000 credits starting gang.  I have created a 7 man starting roster which seems pretty solid but not actually knowing how to play or even owning the rulebook I'm going on what the others have said.  This lack of rulebook does mean that I haven't done anything with skills but at some point I will probably with some guidance again.

14 February 2021

Birds of a Feather... a Warcry project, by Medge

In the Bloodwind spoil, birds of a feather fly, kill and die together. 

Welcome to another bash the Backlog; Warcry update. 

When it was first release I was totally blown away by Warcry. The Mortal Realms was somewhat... lacking in Mortals at this stage; the miniatures range featuring lightning-blooded demi-gods, immortal Aelves, Ogors, and Greenskins, daemons and warp-touched men... but very few true-blooded mortals.

Warcry was a window into the lives of the "common man" within the Mortal Realms, although not one we expected to see! With Chaos in the ascendancy for millennia, the "common man" was already a long way down the path of damnation, a path the lead straight to the Evenchosen's doors. Throughout the Realmgate Wars we'd seen what happens to those that had fallen to Chaos, but Warcry brought us models that showed just how many paths there were to corruption!

Previously I've shown off my Iron Golems, one of my favourite of the new Warcry Warbands, and some Chaos Furies, evil lesser daemons that haunt the Bloodwind Spoil.

Today I wanted to share some of the Bloodwind spoils more avian options; the Corvus Cabal and Raptoryxes.

11 February 2021

James' Painting Tips: The Tsarakura Dynasty

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've begun painting a small collection of Necrons in the Tsarakura Dynasty colours. It's been a lot of fun painting the test models up; however, I'm well aware that this is a project that I'll be jumping back and forth on. So I wanted to record my paint scheme for posterities sake, so no future James can curse me once he invariably forgets how to paint a Gauss Flayer properly. 

With that in mind, in this post, I'll be detailing every step I took when painting my test models, including every paint and some of the techniques I used. Hopefully, this is of some use to you, the reader, as well. 

As an advance warning, this post is a long one. I've tried to title each of the different sections of the model, so if you're looking for a particular colour, you can hopefully skip down to the required area. So then, read on to get a glimpse into the madness that is my painting!

9 February 2021

Deimos the Steel Forge: #NewYearNewArmy

Hi all it's Neil here and today I'll share the first unit I've painted up for my #NewYearNewArmy project which will be Adeptus Mechanicus.  The idea is to paint one box before getting the next one so that I don't create a new backlog in addition to those I already have.  My project will be to using a slightly different forge world that I haven't seen around, Forge World Deimos.  

4 February 2021

The Value of a Test Model, and Remembering to Relax

I've often wondered at how hobbyists ever have the time to paint test models. I seem to spend the entirety of my hobby endeavours jumping between one large project to the next, so I've never approached painting one-off miniatures just to test out a scheme or paint something for the fun of it. 

This year, I decided that I'd join in and test out some schemes I've been planning for a while, or just paint some models I've always wanted to. I wanted to jot down some thoughts after having completed my first test minis, so in this post, I'll go through picking my first minis and the benefits of taking the time to try out ideas. 

2 February 2021

For the Lion: Bladeguard

Hi all it's Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the latest unit I've added to my 40k Dark Angels.  This new unit is the Bladeguard from the Indomitus box.  I've painted these up in my Deathwing colours to match my Deathwing Knights.  The Bladeguard are a new unit of Primaris Veterans armed with master-crafted power swords and storm shields making them a resilient melee unit but are slow to cross the tabletop as they lack the jump packs of Vanguard Veterans or the teleport strike of Deathwing Terminators.

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...