All about Tim

Hello, I'm Tim, another member of our merry band.

I can't claim the same varied experience as Medge or Neil, mostly playing GW games - Age of Sigmar (Chaos), Warhammer 40,000 (Chaos) and Warhammer Underworlds (everyone and their flesh hound). I started playing tabletop games in secondary school, left off for a while with uni, and have come back to it as a pleasant hobby in the last year or two after recognising how much I enjoyed it.

I hugely enjoyed this group's last hobby project, our intrepid tale of four gamers for AoS in 2018, where I mustered Nurgle's putrescent legions and took them on a cheery outing to the AoS doubles tournament. In 2019 I am very much looking forward to carrying on the next project, our Muster for Vigilus, for which I am preparing an army of Loyalist lapdogs heroic Primaris space marines.

I'll also be assembling and leading my Delaque gang, the insidious Black Adders, in their escapades in our gaming group's first Necromunda 2017 turf war, and hope to accompany James to a Warhammer Underworlds grand clash this year.

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