21 June 2019

Bash the Back-log #3; Medge's April - June

This year I've pledged to #BashtheBacklog - taking steps to correct that most grievous (but widespread) of hobby sins; the backlog of unpainted plastic!

Last update covered the end of Feb, March and the start of April. It's been 2 and a half months... so where am I now?

19 June 2019

Tournament Operations: Alpha Games Warhammer 40k Tournament - 1,750 points - 22nd June 2019

With the Mustering for Vigilus series coming to a close, I now have around 2000 points of painted Ultramarines so I though that I could start trying to form a good tournament list by going to events and iterating my list to improve how it plays rather than my usual thing of slapping some units together and hoping it works well.

15 June 2019

The cold grasp of Death: Part 4... Summon the Generals

There are a great many creatures that call the Great Necromancer 'Master'. Mortal, immortal and undead alike pay homage to Nagash as the supreme ruler of Undeath... and one of each joins the ranks of my army this month.

6 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Tim's Primaris, End of Month (4 and) 5

Here we are, at the end of Month 5, and I haven't even done Month 4's post yet - here, therefore, are both of these months' catch up collected together. Progress on my Primaris has been fairly slow due to life and its many distractions... and also the huge chaos release in March, which distracted me back to Heresy for a while.

However, after a thorough purge by my company's Chaplain and some awkward questions from a visiting Inquisitor (my thumbs have since recovered enough to paint), I am now fully certified as a loyalist cur.

My focus has been on getting some troops done to make my 750pt list, while fending off Chaotic distractions. Accordingly, I have painted 7 fresh intercessors to give me a core (and the heart of a Deathwatch battalion). I like how these guys come out, though I am yet to fully pin down the quickest way to do their colour scheme - it is a balancing act between shades and highlighting on a fairly uniform dusty surface, so any stains or missteps show up clearly. However I am pleased with the final result - the dust, red and gold has a nice combination of the heraldic with the realistic.

5 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: James' Adeptus Custodes, End of Month 5

Here we are at the end of month 5, with only one month of the Tale left to go the time seems to have flown by. For this month I decided to pull back on my pledges and just focus on one unit, with the goal being to really try to focus on getting at least one hours painting in a day. For me the important part this month wasn't to get loads done, but to really start building good hobby habits that I can move forward with to help my army painting. 

2 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Medge's Adeptus Mechanicus, End of Month 5

The penultimate month of our little Tale is over, and with it come the realisation that I've painted A LOT of Adeptus Mechanicus so far this year!! Next month I'll post up a full army pic to show off the last 6 months accomplishments, but for now I'll just stick to this months completed minis.

At the end of Month 4 I pledged to complete 1 Sydonian Dragoon as my core pledge, with a stretch goal of completing/ revitilising my Questoris Knight Styrix.

So how did I do?

1 June 2019

Mustering for Vigilus: Neil's Ultramarines: End of Month 5

Its the end of May and its been another good month for my painting.  I had aimed to get 5 Intercessors and 3 Inceptors painted, and I have completed exactly that (though unlike the other months I haven't managed to compete any additional models)

Below are the pictures of these completed models:

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...