30 July 2020

WW3 - 27th (Neil's Own) Lancers - List building and Infantry

Hi all, it's Neil here back for some more WW3 27th (Neil's Own) Lancers.  Some of you may notice the new title for these hobby posts which is to keep it separate from my other Team Yankee content where I take a look at the background and different forces in the game.  Today I will be showing you some infantry that I've painted up to support my Chieftains as well as sharing my first 100 point list idea for bring them to the table soon.

28 July 2020

Xenos on Crusade: Awakening the Tomb III

Hello everyone, Phaeron Tom here!

It has been a very busy weekend for my hobby with a massive amount of despruing, gluing, priming and starting to paint. As you might have already guessed, it was the Indomitus release weekend! This was a fantastic set, the rulebook looks great, and the build-up and planning for the Crusade has really excited me for the new edition of 40k (I barely played any 7th, and skipped all of 8th).

27 July 2020

Unboxing: Marvel Crisis Protocol, by Medge

Avengers! Assemble!

When I heard Captain America say these words in the final act of Avengers Endgame I, like many fans of the MCU, went mad with excitement.

Today I get to relive that same excitement as I delicately unwrap the plastic from my copy of Marvel Crisis Protocol, the miniatures game by Atomic Mass Games.

I welcome you all to join me on my journey as I explore the model range, the game, and start to build the collection of model's I've dreamed of owning since I first got into Miniatures gaming 20 years ago.

So happy to have this on my lap right now...

23 July 2020

WW3: Team Yankee - Faction Focus: British - Part 2: Support Units

Hi all, its Neil here and welcome back to my WW3 Team Yankee series.  Today I'm going to continue my look at the British forces in Team Yankee by looking at the Support units.  If you want to take a look at the formations that the British get, check out Part 1.

By Support, I mean both the units in the force diagram labelled as Divisional Support Options and units in the the formations that weren't the main focus.  These can be divided in 4 categories; anti-tank guided missile launchers, artillery, anti aircraft and aircraft.


22 July 2020

Xenos on Crusade: Tim's Drukhari month 1 - Eager to Flay

We left off last month with the Kabal of the Shattered Lung gathering their allies and poised to set out on their crusade. This month I'm pleased to report good progress on the Kabal and Wych Cult elements, while the Haemonculus Covens sit tight for now, scheming and exulting at their relative strength following the recently revealed and truly baffling points changes across the faction. Here's the main fruits of this month:

21 July 2020

Xenos on Crusade: Awakening the Tomb II

Greetings everyone!

It is only a few days until Indomitus is with us and I can get my hands a vast legion of undying robots. Whilst waiting for new the Necrons to arrive I've made steady progress working through my existing models, aiming to finish as much as possible before 9th lands and I have many more distractions!

My focus has been primarily on assembling a Ghost Ark that I mentioned in my previous post. I had planned to assemble it as a Doomsday Ark, but I made an early mistake in assembly, committing me to the dedicated transport variant. The kit is really cool and I have long admired the novel design of the vehicle that stands apart from many other 40k tanks.

The other unit I have worked on is 9 bases of Canoptek Scarabs. A little bit of scouring eBay, and a generous donation from the seller of the Ghost/Doomsday Ark sprues, resulted in me sitting on 100 of the (soon to be obsolete) plastic scarab models. Using the current 4 per 40mm base that would be 25 bases of scarabs, many more than I would ever consider running in a game. To mix things up I decided to pile high the little critters and create some truly massive 'swarms' of these miniature robots!

19 July 2020

Blood of the Angel, Part 3: A Touch of Character, by Medge

Welcome back to Blood of the Angel - a #BashtheBacklog project chronicling my progress towards having a competitive Blood Angels army, and a slightly tidier hobby space!

In my last few posts I set myself the goal of completing models towards a simple "on-meta" competitive army.
Since my last post we've had a huge amount of new information from Games Workshop about 9th Edition; scenery rules, CP and army build changes, overwatch & tri-pointing/wrapping changes and FAQ's, not to mention the full "leaked" points updates for 9th Editon!

To twist a old saying, "The best laid plans seldom survive first contact with a new Edition" 

Nevertheless, my Blood Angels enthusiasm has never been higher. I was one of the lucky few to secure a copy of Indomitus (thank you to my FLGS for that one!). The Space Marine content in the new box looks great for a Blood Angel player, with Assault Intercessors and Outriders looking to dominate from the start of 9th Edition.

Before I jump into the newer models, however, I wanted to focus on getting through even more of my Blood Angel Backlog.

This last month I've been pretty busy catching up with the Characters from my backlog.

Let's see how I've done...

16 July 2020

Breaking the Iron Curtain; Part 2. Ryan's Leathernecks - A WW3 Project by Medge

Welcome back to Breaking the Iron Curtain - a beginners perspective series for World War III "Team Yankee" by Battlefront Games.

In my last post I began my journey into Team Yankee, taking my first footsteps into the world of histroic/ alternate history wargaming and making a start on my first models.

In this months update I've made some good progress on the models I already, I've begun to learn a little more about the game, and started planning for future projects.

Read on to find out more!

14 July 2020

Xenos on Crusade: Awakening the Tomb I

Awakening the Tomb I

Hey everyone!

So June was the first month of our Xenos Crusade preparations. The aim was to plan a 50 Power Level force of our chosen faction and to begin assembling it with the intention of painting at least one unit before the end of the month.

As I mentioned previously the preview of the Indomitus box and the new Necron models sold me on the faction and sent me scurrying around to Medge's house to pick up Forgebane. Such was my excitement I had assembled and painted virtually all of this starter set before the 10 June post we made announcing the Crusade! So I'm going to show off progress so far and feast upon the life energies of the rest of the Warlords knowing that I am out ahead in painting progress!

That said, June was not a great month for painting and I barely made much more progress, stalling with the Lychguard and getting sidetracked into painting the Lord model I converted. My main excuse was finishing and moving into a new garden office that will be serving dual roles as my lockdown working from home fortress, a hobby space and future gaming hangout. It turns out I have had a lot of models to move and unbox into my new hobby den!

12 July 2020

Xenos on Crusade: James' Craftworld Eldar - Part 1

Hey there everyone,

Welcome to the first in a series of monthly posts where I'll go about detailing my progress on the latest in our groups series of hobby escapades - a Xenos centred Tale of Five Gamers

That's right! We're back with another Tale and this time it's all about the wonderful Other of the 41st millennium; those pesky, pesky Xenos.

Inspired by the impending release of 9th edition 40k and all the wonderful new rules it will bring we've each committed to collecting a new army of Xenos warriors. In my case, this means restarting an old love the Craftworld Eldar. 

We outlined the forces each of us will be bringing to the table in this post, but to summarise we'll be bringing armies from the Craftworlds, Drukhari, Necrons, Tyranids and Tau. Quite a collection if I do say so. Our goal is to each have 50PL ready by the end of August. For June however, the goal was to simply paint at least one unit of our fledgeling collection. 

So how did I do?

9 July 2020

WW3: Team Yankee - Faction Focus: British - Part 1: Formations

Hi all, its Neil here and welcome back to my WW3 Team Yankee series.  Today I thought I'd give my view on the British in the game from their book.  I'm starting with the British as they're the force I've chosen for Team Yankee.  The British have just got an updated book for v2 which added new equipment like the Challenger 1 and Warrior.

This isn't going to be a super detailed look at building competitive lists rather I'm going to share my thoughts as a newer player on the book.  I will come back for another look once I've gotten experience playing the game to see how my view changes.  If you are unfamiliar with the game I'd suggest reading my introduction post first (don't worry I'll wait 😉 ).  This will be the first post of two, looking at the formations first then at the support choices in the second part.

6 July 2020

For The Lion: Summon The Deathwing

Hi all, the Ravenwing have been deployed and located the fallen so it's now time to summon the Deathwing to complete the job.  I have been painting 5 Deathwing knights since the black knights were completed and now have finished these finest of warriors.

These knights have a huge amount of detail in their armor which slowed down their completion a bit (and might have caused a bit of hobby burnout) but they are now finished ready to grace the tabletop when the army is complete.

5 July 2020

For the Greater Good! A Xenos Crusade Update by Medge

Tau'va readers! 

Welcome to the first installment of a new series following my journey along the path of the Greater Good.

With 9th Edition Warhammer 40k scant weeks away (the 25 July can't come fast enough!) myself and my fellow Warlords have begun a new Tale of Five Gamer's. 

The objective; build a Xenos army to play through the new Crusade game mode for 9th Edition (if you haven't read the intro to our new group project I suggest you follow this link for the full post)

Our first Goal was to complete a single squad or unit by the end of June, so let's check in with my progress...

For the Lion: Shock and Awe

Hi all Neil here with a new For the Lion post about the Storm Speeder I've painted up this month.  Its quite a short post as I haven'...