20 May 2020

Gangs of the Underhive; The Black Roses by Medge

About 18 months ago I launched a short series for Necromunda, based on a campaign I was playing with my Chaos Cult; the Sacred Flame.
The series was only 2 parts, because I got stomped in the game and lost my appetite for Necromunda.
When our local club's second campaign started I got back involved with a new gang, this time from House Escher. Despite having a horrific campaign and getting dumped out pretty hard... again... I rediscovered my love for the game, particularly for the lethal ladies of House Escher.

With so many different projects over the last 12 months my Escher models slipped deeper into the Backlog pile, but the current CoVID crisis has finally given me the time to get some paint on to the ladies. 

So may I present - the Black Roses!

You'll immediately notice these ladies are a lot less... neon... than usual! Escher are known for their bright and brilliant paint schemes, very Cyber-punk. I've chosen to move away from that, aiming for more of a cyber-goth style with a very monotone style.

The two concessions I've made are the contrasting green and purple/ pink. This contrast helps break up the colour, inject some of the vibrancy Escher are known for, but keep the darker mood I was looking for in the models.

Necromunda is, after all, a pretty horrible place! Doesn't seem right to look too happy...

My Gangers are all equipped pretty similarly; lasrifles for the cheap and easy. I've added a Chem thrower in there too, because poisons are amazing.

No Necromunda gang would be complete without with twin-pistol weilding Juves! Cheap and easy, with tons of dice behind them!
Rather than sticking to just the las-pistols I splashed on Forge World Upgrade Pack 2 for the extra stub-pistols.

I also really wanted a needle rifle...

...for my Champions. Being a melee fan in literally every game I play, I couldn't resist kitting one of my Champions out with paired Stilleto blades (sword and knife). To complement this aggressive close range character I've given my second Champion the Needle Rifle; some range is sensible after all!

and finally...
the Queen herself. My leader is basically the stock plastic figure, with a small weapon swap from Shock Whip to Stilleto Sword. I've gone hard on the poison for this gang hoping for those easy wounds!

As you can tell... the ladies have no narrative yet! With lockdown still underway I haven't had a chance to book in any games, but now I have a painted gang I have no excuse not to!

Hopefully lockdown ending coincides with the new Escher's House of Chains Equivalent; the new Necromunda-"codex's" have me so excited to explore this rich, lore-heavy area of the 41st millenium!

Bring it on!!
'till next time! Stay safe all!

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