27 May 2020

For the Lion: Knights of the Raven

Hi all,  back again for some more Dark Angels but moving 10,000 years in the future from the last unit to the 41st millenium with some Black Knights ready to run down the fallen.  The black knights are the inner circle of the master of the ravenwing and are privy to the secrets that members of this secretive circle have.

Black knights in game are a fast 2 wound space marine biker unit armed with a mid range plasma weaponry and a decent melee weapon allowing them to threaten large areas of the board and react to whats needed.

I painted these up to have some of that old legion vibes by mixing in the red to the classic black scheme of the ravenwing, and i think it gives a nice spot colour to break up what could be a boring flat paint scheme.

When the Ravenwing are hunting the fallen, their job is to run them down and to summon the Deathwing to complete the capture so next up I have a squad of Deathwing Knights ready for make the traitors pay for their lack of loyalty.

Check out my Instagram for pictures of what I'm working on currently.  See you soon for some more Dark Angels.

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