12 July 2021

To Bring the Dawn: Taking the Coin Malleus

Hi all it's Neil here with a post about a new group project that we've just started here at The Cambridge Warlords.   This new project is kick started by the release of the new 3rd edition for Age of Sigmar (and by the returning ability to game).  It's a tale of four gamers style project so each month we'll be painting up 1-2 boxes/units of miniatures to build up an army and playing games of increasing scope as we paint along together.  

There is going to be a narrative behind our games provided by Medge based around the new Dawnbringer Crusades narrative, with him playing our antagonists from the Ghur while the rest of us with our Order forces act to bring civilisation to a small part of the realm of beasts.  During this narrative it's also likely that I'll be using my Lumineth to start a new style Path to Glory either within the tale itself and it's battles or on my own down my gaming club along side the narrative of our tale.

Joining this crusade for me are my new Lumineth projects for which you might have seen my Vanari Warden painting guide already.  The background for my Lumineth are that they hail from Illathia in Hysh, from the city of Tor Valen.  Lord Regent Aelthis leads them to both bring illumination to the realm of beasts and on a more personal note to find his natural twin Anaryll who's a member of the Loreseekers currently missing within Ghur.

For my painting I'm planning on getting the basics of a force done this month with the remaining 9 Vanari Wardens being the primary goal but I would also like to get Lord Regent Aelthis painted up as well if I have the time.  As Vanari units these will both be done in my pastel Yellow and orange scheme from my guide.

If you want to keep up with how I'm progressing you can check out my Instagram where I post pictures of whats currently begin painted.  I hope you come back at the end of the month for the finished models for this first step on the march.  See you next time!

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