6 April 2021

Guardians of the Great Plan: First Spawned

Hi all its Neil here and today I've got a little post probably more for me about how I'm painting up my Seraphon for Age of Sigmar.  I've gone into quite a bit of detail with lots of pictures to show how each step is building up my final colours.  I've primarily used a Saurus Oldblood to show the steps then used a Skink Starpriest to show the extra parts and differences that are on the skinks compared to the saurus.  I'm hoping to build up a playable 1000 point list to start doing some gaming again after a long break from Age of Sigmar.  Part of the idea with the Seraphon is try to use contrast in a more controlled way trying to improve my usage from the Tyranids I've painted.  So here goes for my full steps:

1. Prime with white

2. Glaze over all skin with 1:3 mix of Akhelian Green:Contrast Medium

3. Using the same mixture glaze over the scales and surrounding skin leaving underbelly with the first coat only.

4. On the scales leaving the edge use a glaze with 1:1 mix Akhelian Green:Contrast Medium

5. Along the spine and centre of the head crest glaze the scales with undiluted Akhelian green

6. Drybrush whole model with Temple Guard Blue

7. Light drybrush of Fenrisian Grey focusing on the scales

8. Base ropes with Rhinox Hide

9. Layer ropes with Gorthor Brown

10. Highlight ropes with Baneblade Brown

11. Base spear haft in Dryad Bark

12.Base bronze armour and weapon settings with Balthasar Gold

13. Wash bronze areas with Agrax Earthshade

14. Highlight Gehenna's Gold on the bronze (forgot to take a picture this)

15. Highlight the higher areas of the bronze with Auric Armour Gold

16. Base the teeth and claws with Wraithbone

17. Wash teeth and claws with Seraphim Sepia

18. Layer teeth and claws with Ushabti bone

19. Highlight teeth and claws with Screaming Skull

20. Base blade with Incubi Darkness

21. Highlight 1:1 Incubi Darkness and Sybarite Green on the blade edges

22. Highlight edges of blade edges with Sybarite Green

23. Base jade areas with Caliban Green

24. Highlight and Stipple jade with Kabalite Green

25. Wash Coelia Greenshade

26. Highlight with Sybrite Green 

27. Highlight Palid Wych flesh 

28. Paint eyes with Khorne Red

29. Base feather with Mournfang Brown

30. Paint bands of Skrag Brown on the feathers

31. Highlight feather with Deathclaw Brown

32. Highlight feather stalk with Palid Wych Flesh 

33. Base shield hide with Khorne Red

34. Wash shield recesses with Nuln Oil

35. Thick edge highlight shield hide with Tuskgor Fur

36. Edge highlight with Kislev Flesh


1. Paint the rim in Steel Legion Drab

2. Cover with Stirland Battlemire and small patches of Stirland Mud

4. Wash base with Agrax Earthshade

5. Drybrush with Tyrant Skull

The finished Saurus Oldblood

Skink Extras
The link is my inspiration for the colours with my plan being that Skinks have tropical bird feathers while Saurus get more birds of prey feathers.

0. Re-layer white
1. Base stem end Blood Angels Red
2. Base tail end Leviadon Blue

4. Highlight Wild Rider Red

5. Layer Altdorf Guard Blue

6. Highlight Calgar Blue

Other bits
Seraphon Buildings
On the Starpriest's base there are some small ruins so I've decided now how I'm going to paint my Seraphon Architecture so this will get repeated for other ruin parts of bases as well as the large Realmscaper engine.

1. Base Zandri Dust

2. Wash Agrax Earthshade making sure it fully dries then do a more focused wash on the recesses and near the base

3. Drybrush flatter areas in a circular motion in Zandri Dust

4. Drybrush Tyrant Skull, heavier towards the top and lighter towards the bottom

5. Recess shade with Reikland Fleshshade keeping it off flatter areas

The finished Skink Starpriest

These steps cover my Seraphon main forces and my plan for the beasts supporting the troops such as Carnosaurs, Stegadons, Salamanders, Terradons etc will probably be to do bespoke ideas for each unit but using contrast paints to make use of their scaly texture.

I will do some more posts with the Seraphon in the future as I get back into doing more Age of Sigmar.  You can check out my Instagram to see what's currently on my painting table.  See you again soon for some more cool dinos from the stars!

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Guardians of the Great Plan: First Spawned

Hi all its Neil here and today I've got a little post probably more for me about how I'm painting up my Seraphon for Age of Sigmar. ...