13 April 2021

Deimos the Steel Forge: Part 3

Hi all its Neil here with some more Adeptus Mechanicus models for my Deimos force.  This time I've been painting up my first vehicle, a Skoripus Disintegrator.  This was a very different painting experience for my Ad Mech and a good lesson for me on using contrast on the large flat panels of a vehicle.  I was planning on sharing my idea for a list to aim for at 2000 points but with the new codex coming soon at the time of writing I'll be waiting till after that's released to do this instead.

The big challenge when painting this was finding a way to use the same contrast paint, Aethermatic blue, on the large flat areas which is a noted weakness for contrast paints.  I could have used a standard paint from the citadel range that was closest in colour to Aethermatic Blue but I made a choice to try and use the contrast colour to keep the match exactly.  To do this I tried using multiple thin coats applied carefully as a glaze but after 3-4 coats it was still fairly uneven beyond what a drybrush could flatten out.  To solve this I tried using my airbrush with undiluted Aethermatic blue to level it out and it worked really well (which hopefully from the pictures you can see and agree with).  I think next time I'll just go straight for the airbrush to do my vehicles in Aethermatic Blue as the amount of time it will take will be much lower than trying by hand first and get a much nicer finish.

Its a very bold looking vehicle but I feel this fits with the almost medieval heraldic style that a lot of the Imperial models in 40k use.  I also think that it works really well with its supporting infantry in their cloaks and will help appear as a coherent force on the table.  Weapon-wise, I tried to have it swappable but a slight accident saw the peg from the Belleros Energy Cannon broke off in the joint so it made the choice for me to glue that weapon on as its only load out which I'm fine with the rules as is.

My next step in building up this army is to paint up another 5 Vanguard with two plasma calivers, which will give me 3 troops choices ready to run a battalion and if I push I should be able to do an Enginseer at the same time too.  Potentially with the next codex coming out my longer term plans might change but I'm hoping it allows me to play with a Skitarii heavy list without being a bad idea as they're my favorite models in the range (and they make up most of it too).  If you want to keep up with what's on my painting table then I post pictures on my Instagram if you want to check that out.  See you again soon for more man-machines ready to fight for the Omnissiah and check out my other posts to see what I've done before for Deimos the Steel Forge!

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